Free VIP for Birth Month or Other Birthday Gifts

Okay so I am of course writing this because I have a personal issue with waking up on my birthday knowing my VIP pass ends and I have a bill (though it is small) to pay on my birthday.

So developers, I have run into many folks in this game that either don’t know about the VIP pass or don’t truly see the value. Why don’t you give EVERY player a free VIP on the month of their birthday? It would be a great marketing tool for you, because players who normally don’t see the value in it, finally would. Also, players like me who actually regularly pay for it, would feel appreciated. Like right now, I’m wondering why Starbuck’s can give me a free $10 drink of my choosing on my birthday and E&P can’t pay my $4.99 VIP pass this one month. Doesn’t make sense.

Unfortunately, unless they were able to set your birthday only once, people would keep on changing theirs in order to get free VIP passes…

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Link your account to your Facebook or other social media and problem solved. Most of them won’t let you change your birthday.

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I’m not sure about one whole month, but a week of VIP would be a very nice gesture, and give someone a taste of what they might be missing.

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My birthday is next month (cough, cough) :wink:

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Not everybody has social media account :wink:
But I like the idea

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Since there are people who buy the 365 day pass, I think they should get x2 the amount of stuff on their respective months to be fair. Besides that good basis for a feature in my opinion


You guys should do special things for players when it’s their birthday this is literally the only game I play do you know how cool it would’ve been waking up this morning to some energy refills or a 100 gems or something like that

I wake up to full raid energy. Well, usually.


Happy Birthday, @Bullet2823! :partying_face: :cake: :birthday:

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maybe merge?


Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

A similar post was merged into Anniversary Gifts before, but that thread is actually more about anniversary of playing than birthday, so I went with this one and renamed the thread.

Thanks for pointing them out! :slight_smile:

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How about some gems? If free gems is too much then that’s okay.

How about lowering the chance for Rare and Epic? Then a higher chance for Legendary and HoTM. I can see people spending a fortune on their birthday. I think it’s a win-win situation. SG profits from gem purchases and we benefit from quality pulls. The better scenario is just take out Rare from the pull :slight_smile: and getting some free gems. :slight_smile:

I put this under ideas and I’m requesting next year or in the future for others when it’s their birthday random item in the inbox with a happy birthday I’m sure u could program it fairly simple lol…

Happy Birthday :partying_face: , how about you try to pull maybe RNGesus already prepare surpraise gift for you

Happy birthday :birthday::clinking_glasses:…but thread already exist

@zephyr1 pls merge!

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Wish I could pull a 5* lol

You are fast @Sorsha!! The last 2 posts I was going to tag a mod in you were already there. I need to be quicker!! :joy:


Try switching your avatar to Grave Maker, he’s very fast :wink:


I am coffee junkie, you know :wink: :wink:

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