Free VIP days as loot reward

Posting this because we were talking about it in our alliance this morning, I’ve personally encountered it in other games and it was an extremely popular reward.

The idea is simply: offer free VIP days as special rewards.

Not in all loot drops, but available to all/most player levels when included. It should be a special prize along the lines of unfarmable mats, reset tokens, EHT, etc., and be included in the “special” activities like completing event levels, different rank tiers in tournaments, or it would’ve been a great reward for different tiers of the Path Of Valor.

When I’ve seen this used before, there were varying lengths of days involved: 3 free days was more common than 5, and 7 days was the rare mega drop. Among other things, this makes it possible to get the reward multiple times during the same event, or simultaneous events, without the accumulation getting excessive from a dev’s point of view.

It doesn’t even have to be a lot of free days for people to get excited about the reward, people loved it. LOVED it. And it seemed to convince a lot of ftp players to splurge for the ctp VIP once they experienced the benefits, or at least once they got used to them (judging from comments in community boards) - so, it could be a longterm win for SG too. Players who already paid for VIP also loved it because it just added onto their existing days.

Whadda y’all think?

(Honestly, for me personally, I’d rather have even 3 days of VIP than things like avatars & harvesters, but I digress…)

[I did search for an existing topic about this and didn’t find any. Apologies if you have to merge it.]

I love this idea! Even just a few days here and there would be nice! I especially like the idea because it’s different than any other loot type than we can currently get.


Cool idea, especially for POV, “7 days of VIP” something like that. Of course people will complain if they hit that reward tier and don’t have enough resources to put two builders to use…


Not such a bad idea I’d be for it, as do agree could swerve people into buying it on a regular basis. Even a 3day pass wouldn’t hurt to much. Only thing I see a problem is this

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I don’t follow. Are you saying “invite a friend” vip would conflict with free vip loot drops?

Even though VIP is a good deal I dont get it all the time as for the second builder does become obsolete after awhile, as food or iron isn’t available and by one building is finished you got enough to start the other! Just my experience at sompoints.


Just saying it’s a way to get it free and maybe sgg see that is good enough.
So the loot drop maybe not a idea they see fit? :woman_shrugging:


Good point, however I do see a plus for them as not everyone does the whole friend thing (I don’t have any friends) so giving them a 3-5 day as a drop could make them a potential buyer.

it is a money grab but also a money grab that benefits players.


I wonder how many people take advantage of the “invite a friend”, feel like I’ve seen that in every game but never used it myself. I think the two would complement each tho, different paths to the same reward, both fleeting, both urging a player toward subscription (from a dev point of view). It could work.


@Disposable @King_Nothing
That’s my s/s from my account :rofl: So added no friends in a year of playing.
I guess people and know people if they have a 2nd or 3rd account they use the add the friend add to there advantage other than that no idea if others have done it legit.
I do agree with giving a 3 day for a loot drop could get people to invest into getting a full VIP pass.


I love this idea. And just have to add that even if you don’t always use/need the second builder, which was what a few comments mentioned, the extra gems, loot tickets and emblems daily make it worth it my opinion


Second builder is a major priority to a lot of people. as lack of iron to do start another or save ham for levelling not mines. The idea of 2 builders on one building has been floated about on here a lot, this would defo make me pay each month to get it.

+1, great idea! Would be great for PoV too

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