Free to play vs pay to play

Great… how did I know ZYNGA would do this… the gap from hard playing people that dont spend much to those that just buy their way to the top just got larger AGAIN… soooo stupid… now emblems can be bought with gems… wont be long at all before some big spenders will have 4500+ power teams with maxed talents that will make them untouchable… my patience is being tested… this is the kind of crap that will make people leave when they can’t be competitive anymore… this EXACT THING happened to mafia wars… devs git greedy caved to the 5% of people crying for more… they just pissed off rhe rest of us and we quit… game collapsed on itself… im this close to quitting the game and i have been playing for a year and a half… but why continue to play if i cant even compete at all with somone that does spend?

I agree. They took a good tool in emblems for players to level up 4* hereos to compete with the p2w players and made this game very p2w.


That was bound to happen and I saw it happening from Day one.
Although this game is good for f2p players and they can get ahead with YEARS of drulling work it designed to keep the top paying players on Top and make them untouchable as this encourages mid level players who think they might have a chance to spend more.

That’s just an aspect of the game where you have to ask yourself is spending money to get nowhere in the game worth it or do I just want to play for the fun of it.


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