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An idea from an alliance member of ours. In this game you can be sitting and only leveling 3 or 4 star heroes for weeks or several months at a time when you are a free to play player. I’d really like sg to really consider this.

If you have a hero maxed that has a costume out you should be able to reset losing the items and get the costume version. It would be a huge waste of mats but it would open up the doors for free to play players to compete at a higher level again. Some of these free to play players have hit a wall or stalled out and getting frustrated that it takes so long to get a new hero while they suffer because there older heroes can no longer compete at the high level of the newer heroes that are out now and get them more involved in the game again instead of getting frustrated and wanting to rage quit.

Please like and share or whatever we can do to get the free to players back involved in this game.

Not really sure what you’re suggesting. Should mention that as a F2P player, materials are really the last issue as it’s getting the heroes that’s the problem, at least that’s over the long term. It just takes time. Even in the long run if you don’t get the latest heroes, you can still do well enough with S1 heroes and a few odd HoTMs.


"If you have a hero maxed that has a costume out you should be able to reset losing the items and get the costume version. "

middle paragraph I thought I clearly put what I was trying to suggest. reset and then you get the costume version. It was implied that free to play have lots of mats but not being able to use them.

Great idea to help free to play players enjoy the game? That’s precisely the reason why SG won’t ever waste a single minute working on implementing it.

But me personally I like it, it’s simple yet brilliant.


thank you very much Suicide Bunny. I am a p2p player but even now getting frustrated because I’m not getting any heroes on pulls. There is another lady in our alliance that did over 500 pulls during the last 3 events and not even one single 5* at all. she’s been doing HA and same heroes keep coming out and going right back in for her for the last year. It just gets frustrating and sg really needs to take a step back. Look at something like this that’s not a money grab and actually try to help older free to play players. Most of them stick around just because of the alliance they are in and the conversations and good times we have together.

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I’m not trying to be purposely dense, but I really don’t know what you are saying. Reset what? The hero so that instead of being 4/80, he is now 1/1, but now get the costume at 4/80?

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drop to 3/70, you lose the mats that you used to ascend that hero and then when you ascend that hero again you will get the costume to go with it. or you do drop to 1/1. Obviously there will be some tweaking that would have to happen. But I’m sure any free to play player would be grateful to get the costume even if they had to start back at 1/1.

Ah, I see what you’re saying, basically give up the AM to get a costume. Sure I guess. It wouldn’t hurt for 4* heroes, and I could see some use for others like Kadilen if you really want her costume.

Correct. For Example: drop Kad back to 1/1 or 3/70 n then ascend again to 4/1 which in return will give you the costume to go with it.

Wouldn’t just create competition for the costume summons event? I have dupes of heroes that I would do that to in a heartbeat. A guaranteed costume that I actually want? Nice idea but I can’t see them sacrificing a revenue stream.


ZS just changed the Seasonal event timing because of costumes

HA08 & HA10 appear to be a ZS solution

Will see what 2022 Legendary duplicate mechanisms involves


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I honestly don’t think they will be sacrificing revenue only because the free to play players aren’t getting all the new heroes n costumes. They are sitting on older heroes like a marjana for example that they could do this to or a kadilen, leo or viv. Possibly an azlar. I don’t see revenue taking a big hit. The p2p players are still going after the new heroes n costumes just like normal and on limited mats or mats they pay for.

Except that I do pay. I’m no whale but more cheap/pay to play. I have three Rigards for example but have been unable to get the costume for 18 months now. SG have probably gotten more revenue out of me from the costume portal than any other.

I’m not disrespecting F2P’s at all and have stated more than once that they are essential for the game to function.

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I didn’t take your comment as disrespectful at all.

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face: I mostly didn’t want you to get the impression that I was dismissing your idea without giving it reasonable thought and just being argumentative. Truthfully, I would love to pull a Marjana, Leonidas less so. I should have maxed my Vivica but didn’t and now she really needs that costume bonus. I really don’t have many 5 stars at all for almost 3 years of play (actually, just 10 maxed). :cry:

Happy gaming. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

All I’m looking for is to get a good idea out there that won’t take away from SG’s revenue and gets the older free to play players going again and excited about something. I don’t mind someone telling me this idea is dumb, but if anyone is going to do that tell me why or tell me how you would do it differently is all. Appreciate your comments.

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I’ll have to give you a like later. I’m out of love for the next 5 hours. :slightly_smiling_face: