Free-to-play focussed allaince exists?

So far my problem is that I operate on a strict and limited budget, sufficient to have bought VIP monthly and that’s about it. Now that my citadel is largely completed, I am having difficulties in fitting in with alliances in which there are more that just one or two big spenders. And there are various reasons, the main issue relating to acquiring ascension materials (AMs). 1) difficult to outpower them on titans; 2) miscellaneous events such as seasonal events and colour monster chests are infrequent; 3) Watching videos is almost useless; which leaves us with alliance wars where everyone gets the same chance for AMs. The problem is that it is difficult for alliances that include more than one big spender to get fair war matches as debates in the forum on this topic have shown. And the reason is that while frantically making 10x pulls to get Atlantic or Seasonal summons, they also get a shedload of 5* heroes which they are incapable of levelling, but do not want to use as feed. This --> bloated benches with powerful but less-than-useful 5* heros wallowing with little level-up. And this gives bloated war scores not alligned to attack or defence abilities. Remember a 3.60 3* hero has its specials at 8. A 5* at 2.40 has similar power (war weighting) but normally less that half of the special attack levels. It is infinitely less useful that the 3* with full specials and some talent boosts.

With these P2P spenders it is common to see level 34 players without one fullly levelled 4* (defence) team. I have kept record. When they withdraw from war, the war score drops by an astonishingly disproportionate percentage compared to the average f2p player.

So, finally to my question: Is there a guild whose stronger players are also f2p and who understand the need to fully level some 3* teams, then to go for two fully levelled 4* teams, and then, when their TC 20s should be ready to crank out 5s, head into the big league, levelling up a few key 5s, and winning a minimum of 50+% of their wars?

If not, I would like to start such a guild, probably ideally suited to ALT heroes, which follows prudent play, modest spending, reasonable discipline and participation, and sensible hero progression routines as in this post:

Crew-Squires is pretty much all F2P/C2P. The whole Crew family is friendly to spenders and non-spenders alike.

I’m also c2p (VIP only), have a defence team with 4180 TP, 9 full 5* and 26 fully leveled 4*. My alliance family is a good mix of f2p, c2p and p2w. I play in one of the bigger alliances in our alliance family, hunting 11-12* titans, winning wars. We have good discussions on heroes, war startegy and how to grow as much as possible. Common line group across all alliances for sharing advices and fun.

A challenge with your spender team mates is that they don’t understand yet how to balance between pulls and ascension materials and how to build a good bench. That’s possible to fix if they are willing to listen.

If you decide to change, please consider us! The Zero alliance family is 7 alliances playing on different levels and playstyles. My Line is silver_dragon-r.

I can only suggest the alliance I’m in - “Entente of Equilibrium”
We’re mostly a bunch of casuals who don’t really “chat” much, but we have a decently active set of people (i.e. we’re mostly F2P only so no-one is ever hyper-active). Our wars seem to be fairly ballanced (we win some, we lose some), we (usually) keep ourselves at 4* titans so everyone can contrubute (though we have a couple of heavier titan-hitters, myself being one of them as I got a Wu-Kong!) and everyone who contrubutes is valued.

@Bedu, Let me plug We Are Groot, Vol. 4, the newest/training alliance in my alliance family, led by the alt of one of our members. You are welcome to give us a try there, and you might well be able to move up soon when we have room.

If you are more limited by ascension materials than by heroes, I’d suggest you start spending some of your VIP gems accelerating monster or raid chests. If you do the most possible (3 per 24 hour window), the net cost is still less than what VIP brings in … and you can open ~twice as many chests, which means two things:

  • Twice as much :poop: loot in those chests :rofl:
  • Twice as many elemental chests which are one of the best sources of AM’s in the game. (Best I can tell, odds of an elemental chest are fixed every time a chest opens.)

Now that that is out of the way, I agree with you that a game progression starting with a couple 3* teams, then a couple 4* teams then a first 5* team is prudent.

Players in a screaming hurry to succeed and willing to pay for a bunch of summons (not like you) might skip the 3* team, certainly could skip the second 3* team…but working on a 5* roster before you level up a couple of rainbow teams worth of 4* heroes is foolish, no matter how much you spend on the game – your ascension mats and your training centers and your ability to farm cannot support leveling up those heroes yet, and you just hurt yourself.

And yes, if you have unleveled 4* and 5* heroes that end up in your top 30 heroes you are doing your alliance a disservice in matchmaking.

Even if you want to spend a ton on this game, the smart move is to keep it kinda limited the first few months while you build your stronghold and initial roster.

That said, once you have things going along nicely, spending on summoning will give you a choice of better heroes to level up, especially in the 4* and 5* realm.

I’m in We Are Groot, Vol. 1, and we have mostly higher spending players with some lower spending players who have been playing a lot longer and built up a better roster that way. We are chaining 12* titans right now.

Vol. 2 is fighting 10/11* titans more, and Vol. 3 isn’t far behind…And those family members have a lot more cheap players in them, probably a few free ones too.

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