Free to play alliances

Are there any F2P alliances out there?

If not, I’d like to start one!

Anyone interested ?

If so, drop me a text on discord



Gotta be careful with terminology.
Do you mean F2P from Day 1 … i.e. never spent a single penny on the game, ever?
Or F2P now … irrespective of how much one may have spent in the past?

Big difference!


Ok Mr Right!

You are right again :penguin::green_heart::penguin::green_heart::penguin:

Is that a puffin thing :turtle::turtle:


You mean I’ve been right before? I’m shocked!


Started F2P, then spent quite a bit, and am now C2P

Hope that helps :pirate_flag:


well, I’m f2p, i have some buddies in the alliance f2p, but some are c2p, some are anything else left…

so, do I have a f2p alliance? dont know, but any type is welcomed.

@Luna maybe this topic and these guys can help: The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join? (Part 1)

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I’m f2p. But not in a f2p alliance.

Assumption: I assume f2p players have a worse roster than non f2p players (all else equal). To me this means f2p players are weaker

Question: Why would you want an alliance with weaker players?

Sometimes I think about being part of a f2p alliance, but then I think that would limit what that alliance could do.

What’s the appeal?

i can think of two things off the top of my head:

  1. “omg i just got [insert absurd hero here]”–you trust that said player pulled it from free event coins or a hard-earned 10-pull. spend-envy doesn’t become a factor.
  2. you’re in an alliance of players playing with the same limitations, so it’s easier to give and solicit advice since you more or less have a good idea of the kinds of heroes most players in the alliance have.

i don’t know what the ceiling of an all F2P alliance would be (especially one started from scratch where everyone has been F2P since day 1), but i’d be intrigued by the possibility. it most likely wouldn’t hit the top tier of war, but could it chain 14* titans? compete in high rankings for Alliance Quest?

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The players in my current alliance are from all the different tiers of spending/play…we have them all except for the big blue… all considerate adults, too.
I think diversity could be a good thing :blush:

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