"Free summons"

Hi there i just want to thank this game for pathetic free summons. I played alot at the second stage and collected over 300 tokens. Guess what 2 of the same 3 star and another 3 star. Getting good heroes is not luck is not by chance it is about how much money you are willing to spend. I did that as well and i will not spend even 1 cent on it again. My friend is playing longer than a year and never 1 5 star. For this reasons i rate this game a 0 out of 100. Wait for energy wait for gems wait for accention items and then getting poor heroes after playing your hart out. Mandatory updates every other day. War is still a problem! I think i just about had it with this game and will not recommend it for anyone. I wish someone had told me this then i would not have wasted my time and money on it.

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