Free Summons time change?

My free summons went from 2pm EST, to 5pm EST, now tonight it’s going to be close to 10pm EST. What is happening here? Why the changes??

EDIT: I pulled down my menu at the top for the screenshot to show the time. This isn’t a glitch.

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If you don’t get the free summons immediately, it pushes the time back until the next one, because the timer doesn’t start running again.

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The timer reset only when you pick up the summons.
Happened to me a few times.
No biggie unless your out of town for a few days.
Have fun.


Daily summons

Even if you collect immediately, Daily summons is on a 23 hour cool down. Thus it rotates.

Daily gems

VIP timer is 24 hours

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Isn’t mystic vision every 8 hrs?

Old post.

One of the hazards of a MMO forum.

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