Free Summons Not Working?

Since downloading update 27.0.0 Build 1230, I no longer appear to be getting my daily free summons. I have to be honest, I can’t remember for sure but didn’t free summons used to have a timer showing time until next free token? Regardless, I have the VIP pack so I should be getting 2. Also, in the past few days, I have been stockpiling free tokens and I am not sure if my issue is related to that or potentially the update. Any thoughts?

I’m on Android and have no issues here.

The timer is on the outside:

Stockpiled tokens are only numbered inside like this:

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so I have a legit bug

I am not 100% sure about that but i think free summons do not stack. You pull them on the day or you miss them. That only applies for free summons. You can stack tokens from loot rewards. But again i am not 100% sure.

can’t pull what I don’t get… my counter is not increasing by 2 every 24 hours.

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So actually i might be right then - free summons do not stack. You pull them on the day or you miss them.

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Your screenshot shows 2 free daily summons. Once you collect them, you’ll have a timer showing the countdown to the next daily summons on the Outer screen, and your summons button will show how many silver tokens you have saved

Lol! You are not seeing any counter because your free summon is ready for pick up! Your summon button clearly says “2x free” which is your daily summon, since you have VIP. Just take your summon and the counter will magically reappear!

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Correct. By the time you take them the counter will start at 23 hours.


thanks… so you can stack earned tokens but not free tokens. now that Path to Valor is here and there is a need to have/save summons tokens, SG needs to look at changing this to allow free tokens to auto generate every 24 hours and be stacked

The daily free summons are no tokens… they are just summons. And I don’t think SG Is going to change that. Also, I don’t see why they should…

I just showed you… save enough summons for Valor.

Yes, but I think they calculated how easy/hard it will be to achieve thist challenge. Giving coins instead of summons would probably lead to higher amount of summons needed. Of course it would be great to be able to hoard those free daily summons though…


Partially correct… Stockpiling tokens HELPS but isn’t NEEDED per se.

I don’t think “needs” is the right word here… Something like “it might be nice if…”

Also this has been looked at fairly recently in another thread… Essentially it is marketed and sold as a “daily” summons, indicating that it is only for a 24 hour period. Additionally, when sold it specifically says “*only if collected every day” indicating that none of the VIP stuff accrues and instead must be collected daily.

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The free daily summons is meant to be a small perk for logging in each day. It’s highly unlikely that they’ll make them stack, precisely because they want the server traffic.

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