Free summon issues; anyone else experiencing?

I recently noticed a free summon available for playing an advertisement in the daily summons portal. I clicked it and received the message, " No ad available. Check Back later". It’s been like this for weeks so I decided to fill out a report to tech support. Now there is a second message, this one on the summon screen, stating free summon for an add, but when I click it I get the same message as above. Has anyone experienced anything like this?

That has happened to me multiple times. In some cases I was able to check back later, others, the option disappeared. I have no idea how it works. :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

you must clicking 10x or maybe 20x after each other and then you get ad


That happened to me a couple times too, but it seemed to occur shortly after doing Mystic Vision. Maybe it’s because I already watched an ad there, and another one isn’t available yet? Not sure exactly how that works.

I always get the “no ad availble” error immediately after the free dailies, so I always leave the summon portal after the free dailies, poke around other screens for 30-45 seconds, then return to the summon portal. Then it works.

when playing on PC I always get this message when clicking MV or additional video pull for the first time. If I click again after a few seconds it works OK. When playing on the phone it usually works on the first try. So I think it has sth to do with internet connection speed, on my PC the internet connection is slower.

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