FREE Summer Event Daily Deals

I generally like the daily deals during the seasonal events. Some are cheap and some are expensive, but they give a great chance to get some gems and ascension items (the “Epic” hero tokens typically lead to ***)

What I don’t look forward to are the “free” deals usually available on each Sunday of the event.

Today’s Free “gift” was 5 irons, 1 dragon bone, and one stupid silver basic hero token…


At least give some sort of a flask or epic token (even though they are usually garbage.)

Build a little excitement around the event! If there’s more excitement around the event as a whole, I am sure people subconsciously would feel more excited to purchase some of the paid daily deals.

The Free items for both the Spring and Summer events have been nothing but INSULTING.

Seriously… how can they even program to give such junk with a straight face? It must be some sort of joke at their office.

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Same criticism comes up every calendar. But, it is one time I have to side with the devs.

The scraps to one man are a meal to another. A treacly aphorism but apt. I just fought a team in AW which had a 2* hero. Next war that slot is improved for no cost.

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This “gift” is worse than most monster chests and raid chests (any tier). Any player can easily fill 3 of those a day. Worse than titan loot. Worse than alliance war loot. And we get these events, what, 3-4 times a year? And now the daily calendar deals are $30 and $50 things instead of the $2-$10?


Yeah I’ve seen Bear Grylls squeeze elephant poo to get the moisture out of it to survive.

I’ve also seen drunk girls eat a slice of pizza that fell into the road face down.

It doesn’t mean we should strive for such things.

An event should be exciting for everyone. The FREE daily deal event items MIGHT only be exciting to very very few people that are in their first month of playing.

I’d rather they just scrap the weak FREE days and make them all paid, if they’re going to give out useless junk.

We get free daily silver tokens anyway and they pop up all over the place as it is.

I’m not saying they should be giving out ascension items, but what I’ve seen so far is just pathetic and a waste of a deal calendar slot.


I was happy to get a free dragon bone…1 more time stop for me…nothing to complain about there…:grin::grin::grin:


I’m not sure what the complaint is about. I see three packages each for high and low spenders, plus a freebie for everyone:

6/25 - $1.99 - 200 gems, 1 sturdy shield

6/26 - $8.99 - 1000 gems, 1 mysterious tonic

6/27 - $1.99 - 200 gems, 1 trap tools

6/28 - $29.99 - 2800 gems, 2 epic hero tokens, 2 epic troop tokens, 1 damascus blade, 1 sturdy shield, 1 gloves, 4 orchalcum nuggets, 2 meteor fragments, 1 alliance flask

6/29 - $1.99 - 200 gems - 1 hidden blade

6/30 - $49.00 - 4700 gems, 3 epic hero tokens, 4 epic troop tokens, 1 farsight telescope, 1 compass, 2 warm cape, 8 meteor fragments, 8 dragon bones, 8 orichalcum nuggets, 3 alliance flasks.

7/1 - FREE - 5 fine steel, 1 dragon bone, 1 daily summon token.


IIRC the winter and spring events were almost all <$10 and were a good deal ($1/100 gems + ascension material or flask or token). Much more accessible to non-whales. These $30-50 deals seem really targeted to people that just need that last telescope for a final ascension.

The free offer today just kinda felt like a kick in the teeth and I needed to vent. Having been through the winter and spring events I expected it though. Why not at least a troop token? The cost (time and/or money) to max troops is insane anway. Upping troop tokens would barely affect this grind and create less animosity. I understand it’s free, which is great, but people look forward to these. It should at least be better than a monster chest or raid chest IMO.

I’m probably going to stop spending on the game. I budget $20-40/month, always on good gem deals. I have done probably over 200 epic summons total (wish I would have kept track) and only one HOTM so far. I talk frequently in my alliance and they all seem to agree ~30 is what they normally take to get the HOTM (some members have almost all). Either I’m unlucky, or odds are different for some reason. Unfortunately with RNG there really is no way to know.

I’ve been raiding in the top 1000 for the past few months, peaking in top 50, and it’s becoming apparent HOTM and event heroes are the only way to progress for me (besides the absolute crawl that is troop lvling). As of this post, 40 out of the 50 heroes in the top 10 defense teams are event or HOTM heroes. I have 700 feeder heroes queued up in a training camp waiting for a worthy hero to use them on.

There are definitely good things happening though. I am a huge fan of the new alliance war rules. Never liked the arrows, but the two new rules open up some interesting new hero uses and strategies. If the devs introduce a fair way to get past HOTM and/or event heroes I’ll support the game with my meager monthly budget again. But I will be very disappointed if it is a cash grab.

Sorry for the rambling rant. Just some thoughts from someone that’s seen a lot of active players/forum posters not-so enthused about the direction the game is heading.


This was the 2nd of the free Easter deals. Should I expect arrows and potions on the next free summer offer?

Re-reading the easter thread helped see the intent of your post.

I wished for more events so I could laugh at the potential free offers. Well at least I’m still laughing and got what I wished for.


Yeah exactly! Just give something a little almost halfway decent!

I agree completely with the HotM thing!

It’s probably my number one issue with the game and BIGGEST reason I consider quitting. Other games guarantee a HoTM type thing if you spend a certain amount during the time period. I’ve spent much more than you the past 2 months and haven’t gotten one of them.

Whenever I see an Alberich, Ares or Hel it’s like a punch in the stomach.

The devs really don’t know how to treat their customers well and that’s probably why I see so many players leave this game.

I like the game for the most part, but I’ve never played a game that I felt is telling me “F#$% You” as much as this one does to me.

I know one day I will stop playing. The only question is when?

Otherwise until then it’s still a daily balance of enjoyment vs disappointment.

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I have no problem with the paid offers.

It’s the FREE ones that are awful and would be better off not even being included since they are so bad and worthless.

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The free gifts are a joke. And saying that there are players who need those fine steel bars and are happy with the gift is just defending devs (apparently you can’t complain about the game at all, hmm…).

A free gift is something nice. In this game something nice and special (a gift!) would be something unfarmable. Heck, even gems would be nicer. Or if devs love the ingridients so much, multiply it. 20 fine steel and 15 dragon bones looks so much more gift-y than what we got.

I wasn’t excited for the free ones, knew it’s gonna suck ever since Spring Calendar. :roll_eyes:

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I hear you on the HOTM thing. If it makes you feel better, I have never gotten a single HOTM, not one, in all these months. Your luck isn’t as bad as mine. :slight_smile:

I’ll keep looking at the Summer event, and naturally a free token looks better than none, but a daily summons token usually equals a 1-2* Hero, which i can get farming, and which is promptly eaten. :wink:


I just checked out the FREE Event Summer Daily Deal offer…

3 energy flasks. 1 of each type… Raid, Titan, World Energy


Thank you devs for giving something decent. I wasn’t expecting ascension items or anything. 3 flasks is great for a free deal!


Agreed! I am quite happy. Of course, this brings my titan flask count up to ten o.O


I like the Titan flasks for the rare titans. The loot is only slightly better on them, but better is better at least.

Titan loot is absolute trash. So is the AW loot. Many times i’m 1 or 2 in damage (170-220k) dealt and my alt account gets better loot doing 40-60k damage

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The free offer today was amazing if you haven’t gotten it yet you better go check it out :grin::grin::grin: you will be a happy camper


Yeah that’s actually why i have so many. The last rare my alliance fought was the next star up and our difficult color, so we had to let it go.

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