Free play VS paying. How long before you got your first 5*?

I’m doing free to play, at level 31, 3/4 of the way to level 32, and just did get my first 5*, Elena, off the current costume summon. So far off my lvl 20 training camp I’ve gotten a very small number of 4* and only 2 (Grimm and Sonya) that I didn’t already have from other means.

Now I have to feed Elena like Audrey II in “Little Shop of Horrors”…

My 4* list Kelile, Li Xiu, Triton, Caedmon, Colen, Proteus, Scarlett, Tiburtus, Boldtusk, Gormek, Boril, Grimm, Sonya

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Got Ares on the 3rd day of playing from an EHT long before I started spending money.


Being a f2p it’s probably best to use what you got. Sure mats are hard to get but being your not going to pull on a regular basis could be sitting there for awhile.
If you can play atlantis and can get coins grave maker is on the portal maybe wait till after then and decided

“Got Ares on the 3rd day of playing from an EHT long before I started spending money.”

You suck and I hate you, LOL :wink:


My first 5* was also Elena. However, it was TC20 that gave me her. I don’t remember exactly, but I think I had been playing for a bit more than 7 months when I got her. Isarnia, Quintus, and Kadilen came relatively soon after Elena. My first 5* summon (Thorne :roll_eyes:) was more than 1y after starting with E&P.

Literally the day I made my first purchase and turned C2P, I summoned Kageburado :laughing:


Played at least 7 months…been around lvl 33~34 got Guardian Owl from Teltoc event april 2019. I was happy (my first 5☆) and sad (such a bad one) at the same time. It was short (3 weeks) before my TC 20 launched. That was much better and gave me 10 5☆ heroes in the first 5 months. Been F2P the first 4 months…then (february 2019) started buying VIP.

I run 2 TC20s and I get about 1 5* per month. It is very effective for me.

All of those, except for Scarlett and Colen, are really solid imo (Oh, and Grimm who is a little squishy but has a nice attack stat). Everyone has Grimm but Gormek, his red brother, gets no love!! MORE, Triton is also lacking defense (squishy) and Li Xiu is almost purely a static defense item (I have 2 maxed and a 3rd @3:60); not really effective on attack.

How long did it take to get my first 5*? About 9 months I think? My first TC20 delivered 3 in the first 14 days (they were the only ones!). TC20 now just deliverts the exact same (different) 9 freaking 3* heroes and any one of 7 (different) 4* (none of which are desirable, wanted or loved OR ever will be!!). it makes me feel homicidal and I cannot run TC20 anymore. For a while, i was hoping for a Kiril, a Grimm, a Wu Kong or even in a wild fantasy, a Lianna!!! (Lianna!) but I can’t play if an essential element that i have to look at makes me angry the whole time!

This is the important part! Do NOT spend resources and rare ascension mats on a 5 star hero now. Focus on 4 stars, they are far more economical and useful to you right now (and into the near term foreseeable future). And especially not Elena imo.

Happy gaming!! :smiley:


I need 4x Hidden Blades to final ascend Scarlett. I did have them but used them on one of the others. Very rare to get Hidden Blades. :frowning: Perhaps because they’re hidden… probably in a big crate of Fine Gloves.

They have been, quite literally, the scarcest mat for me too. AND they are probably hiding with my damned compasses!

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Nope. They’re in the hidden closet of warm capes!

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F2P with no VIP Pass, my first 5* was Azlar, after 7 months of playing from TC20. Up to until recently (after 2 years and 4 months of playing) where my summoning luck has seeming gotten just a tad better, TC20 was my only source for my 5*.


My first 5* was Lianna, and I got her with my first run on tc20. It took 10 months. My next 5s were Azlar and Domitia (at the same time) also from tc20 a month later. I’ve never pulled a 5* from a portal. :frowning_face: (Oops, I forgot, I got a horghall on my third run of tc20 but he doesn’t count :wink: )

Hey! Welcome @Vile_Violet!! :smiley:

After that intro, I’m certain we will never be friends! (I got Vivica, Sartana and then Elena from TC20; my first 5 stars).

However, don’t panic as there are a pile of wonderful people here who are definitely not me. :wink:

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got my 1st 5* (Elkanen) after 7+ almost 8 months playing. but he came together with a bonus pull Grazul. Got another 5* from atlantis 2 months after that. since then the main source of my 5* came from TC20. got Elena, Thorne, Azlar, Richard, Oba, Leo, and the latest one Liana from it. as a F2P, I think I’m lucky enough to get one 5* per month.

When Telluria was featured, I spend a lot of money (in my standard - don’t compare it to the real big spender out there) to get her. I didn’t get her. So now back to F2P again as always


My first 5* was Vivica and I got her at the early weeks of playing (i forgot when exactly). It was from EHT. Few months later, I decided to make my first purchase… And voila… I pulled Seshat from my first 10-pull. Both has been serving me well up to present days. So far, my TC20 has provided me with Obakan, Thorne, Leonidas and Joon along with a bunch of 3* and 4*. I put my TC20 on halt right after I got Joon.


Don’t bother fully ascending Elena. Hold out for Marjana, maybe Khagan or Azlar, or a Red Hotm/Gravemaker. Focus on your 4*'s and emblem the good ones. Of the ones you have, Kelile, Caedmon, Proteus, Tiburtus, Boldtusk, Gormek, Grimm, and Sonya are worthy of emblems. Rigard, Kiril, Melendor, Wu Kong, and Sabina will be worthy when you get them.

I looked at my screenshots and it looks like I got Elkanen, then Marjana, then Seshat within 2 weeks of each other during roughly my 4th month playing (about 10 months ago). I fully ascended all three as fast as able as they are all good and I use them very often.

Also, ascending the costume also takes rare ascension materials on 4 and 5 stars. Another reason to skip Elena.

What it’s been really stingy with are healers. I don’t have any in ice or dark. I have Sha Ji, maxed with emblems. For the longest time I had him and Hawkmoon. Then I got Belith who is my main healer. Picked up Friar Tuck but he only gets 3rd round or later war use because he’s only good for nearby. Most recent is Boldtusk, going to feed him a red 2* trainer when I get more reds to go with it.

Looking at the wiki page on healers I see why I don’t get Ice or Dark ones. There’s only 4 ice ones and three of them are 5*. Dark’s worse with only 3, two of which are 5*.

If I could get Kiril (reminds me a bit of Robin Williams) I’d feed him up then put him in place of Triton and Caedmon in place of Belith.

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It took me up to 3-4 month to get my 1st 5* hero (Magni) from TC 20. For everybody it’s different. I do have alliance members who are getting up to three 5* heroes from TC 20.
@SpaceViking1971 Personally i would not max Elena because she is slow and with all the heroes she is not really competitive. With her costume its a different story. My recommendation would be to wait until Marjana joins your roster.