Free monthly summons

Free summons of Epic troop and free legendary hero every month for all players

Mau nya begitu sih biar enak haha

I want it to make it delicious haha

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I wish they would have the resource quest where we get a free summon token have a 50% chance of a epic hero token like the recruits 2 quest does.


You get lots of free summons each month, just awful odds of then giving anything of use


Yes I agree it is exactly like the TC20 and all types of convocation, but even so it would be another opportunity mainly for beginners.

That would certainly change the game. Even people who pay for 10 summons a month and have a level 20 training camp constantly running aren’t promised a single 5* every month. I think about half the time, there isn’t one in the entire month even after payment and taking months to build up the camp. Those heroes don’t just start appearing places. Same with troops. Those top resources are the game’s high-tier gold.

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After two and a half years I still wait for a troop of green mana. Kkk


Yeeeaaaah… It would sure be nice if, after all this time, there was at least a way of boosting your odds of specifically drawing the hero or troop that you want. I’ve seen games where you gradually collect shards of what you really want, which can finally be merged into your dream hero after much effort & grinding. Maybe they could make monthly events where you can earn those shards. 5* heroes could take a great deal of time and power to complete, but it’d be nice to have some guarantee of getting what you want. It’d save the frustration of drawing ten Quintus-level heroes and still, after your abundance of “good fortune,” not walking out with something useful.


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