Free hero for like on facebook- Hero art used for free 50g- not a bug

Hey when i open my game today i get message “like us on facebook and u get a hero” (blue 5* card Athena) so i put ‘like it’ and i dont get a hero i also try write private message on facebook but i wont get the answer can somebody help me? :wink:


Are you sure, the message was von E&P or Small Giant Game?
I’m asking, because I didn’t get this message.

There’s no such thing. They just say “get exclusive rewards” for contests or whatnot. Athena card is there to make the message look more aesthetic.


I’ve seen the message, but I don’t use FB, so I never tried it. I’m pretty sure–like everything around here–you have a chance at a hero, but unless you’re very lucky, it will most likely be a low-starred one.

No it does not say you get a hero.

Can you screenshot what it does say and end the mystery? :grin:

Also there is a reward if u log in with facebook so I logged in with my facebook account but I didn’t get any prize. Is it said that you get 3or 4panda, don’t remember but I did get nothing. Also sometimes I don’t get the rewards from lvling up,the common summoning medal. My id is •••••• in game.
Thank you!
Waiting for your reply!

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Posting your game ID is a bad idea - it could potentially be used to hijack your account. @Rook or @Kerridoc can edit your post if you don’t have the access level yet.

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Please do not post your account ID; it makes you vulnerable to hacking. :flushed:

I believe the reward for liking Facebook is a one-time gift of 50 gems. The picture of Athena is there because she’s pretty; it’s just E&P related artwork.