Free gems in store Zynga

How do I get the 300 free gems

This offer was only available for a couple of days. But the webstore has a new one now for black friday

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I understood that by adding the Store to my Home Screen AND turning on notifications, the prize was summon tokens + 300 gems.
I got the tokens right away, exited & re-entered game, received a notification of a raid attack, responded to notification…., but no gems awarded, as yet.
Is there a step I still need to take? Or was the reward either/or?

Sorry to have to tell you but this offer has expired. (It was just 300 gems, no tokens involved.)

Please see this thread for more discussion.

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Incautos? Novatos? Raros? Me he perdido algo quizás?

Unsuspecting? Newbies? Rare? Have I missed something perhaps?

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I was looking for it since last Thursday, which is when I heard it mentioned. But I couldn’t find it. My alliance member just got hers yesterday.

This turned out to be wishful thinking :wink:

I am impressed, you took the time to remember our exchange and to come back!

my own 30-pull was saved by getting Bubbles. the other 29 were relative disappointments (I did get some cool new 3* and Jott, but only Bubbles was really good)

I recently started using Jott on titans. To my shame, i had never really understood what those tile alterers were useful for. The wording didnt make a lot of sense to me. They still seem quite niche, but they have their moments.

I appreciate Jott more now, because I recently got Eset - and she has helped up my Titan scores a bit. these tile alterers… when the board is bad, they don’t help much. when the board is great, whohoooooo!

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How do I add to home screen

If you have an iPhone, go to the store and click on “ share” icon(squeezy e

This is the key on step 2, after adding to your homescreen. Finally be able to get 300 free gems on my daughter’s account on iOS

Just in cases, other people has this problem, you have to wait a few minutes until the homescreen version sync with safari

today store purchase gives more than its published :heart_eyes:


Do you know anyone who has tried the mid price offer with 3400 gens and trainer troops?

Maybe it will come with free AAs. :joy::rofl:


i don’t know, we wish :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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just buyed second one, still comes with food, they dont work on weekends to take it off haha


:joy::rofl: true. I forgot about that. It’s not a critical bug like game servers shutting down or stuff like that. No one will come rushing back to fix the bug.

They will probably attend to it on Monday.

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and offer is closed tomorrow morning :blush::blush::blush:

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