Free gems in store Zynga

there is option to allow notification and you get 300 gems in game


Nice! I don’t seem to have that option however. Might be rolling out region by region

Check your browser. You must turn off “Popup Blocker” to see that banner


Aah, didn’t work with Firefox but did with Chrome. Thanks for the heads-up!


Thx, I could also collect it :slight_smile:


How do you turn of the “popup blocker” :see_no_evil:

Oh, wait, it turned up

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Saw that. Declined cos I don’t want Zynga to send me messages/emails on a regular basis.

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I think you can probably turn that off after collecting the gems.


Yeah, that is my plan. Turn on, get gems, turn off…

But cant find the option for turning on. The app (store) is not available in notifications. Oh well, guess I wait a bit and try again

Nice one!

Here is what I did. In order to get the gems, I switched from Brave browser to Chrome (as Brave blocks many things).

Logged in, claimed the gems and reverted the Brave browser as the default browsers.


Got em somehow :slight_smile: Took quite a bit of taps and clicks. Was kinda difficult hehe

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I turned on notifications in Chrome, but never got any gems when I returned to the game.

Here’s the official post about this: Mobile Push Notifications Global Beta | Empires & Puzzles

And the FAQ has instructions on how to disable the pop up notifications after redeeming the gems: E&P Notifications FAQ | Empires & Puzzles


Thanks, but this does not help me, I guess some kind of bug. Maybe related to that I also made a small purchase in the store before I returned to the game.

It doesn’t work for me either. All notifications allowed, default Chrome on Android.
Edit: tried on 3 different devices, my account is cursed I think :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you just enable notifications by yourself or did you actually see the offer on their site, try to claim it and not get the gems?

it was pop up on site this first photo
i did click allow and get gems and you can disable it latter :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Go to your chrome info then allow notifications first
Then go to e&p store and log in
Return to e&p store and click on allow a pop up message will say allow or block click on allow
Then refresh the page “sometimes it wont work if you dont refresh the page”
It will say claim
Claim it then re open your game you’ll claim the gems in the game

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Hi! How did you do that? Playing on my iPhone only… thanks in advance! :wink:

Same thing happened to me. I then returned to the store and clicked the claim offer button a second time. After that it went through.