Free choosable Music ingame

I know i might be one of the few calling for that. I usually play Sound and Music off but i tried the Sand Event Music and i actually like it together with the Quest Music. Please add a feature that lets you choose the music free for Titans levels Events challenges Trials independently for each one.
Thx :slight_smile:

I always play with the music and sound effects off, but I just played the last Stage of Sand Empire Normal with it oh based on your post.

I agree, it’s pretty nice music — certainly more so than Springvale, which I sampled based on someone mentioning it on the Forum, and quickly drove me crazy.

Do you think you’d get sick of the Sand Empire music? Are you imagining they’d have a bunch of options that you could switch between?

And to ask an obvious question…would you pay gems for more music choices, if they added that as an option?


I hardly get sick of good tunes :wink: I have to say i wont pay for music thats already included and for more i dont know probably not because i hear spotify during Raids but sometimes i switch the music on.
Just would be nice having the option when im doing vids. Nobody wants to hear that horrible Halloween thing for 20min :rofl:

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KFor some reason music doesn’t play for me on my phone! I can listen to videos say on YouTube or if someone sends me a voice message i have no problems! Yes I have checked if music or sound affects are on or off!
Using a iPhone 5

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