Free Cat for every new recruit to the fighting dragons - 5 free cats if you find richhump

New alliance with a great balance of experienced and new members looking to grow together. We split after losing another war by 1point and decided we are going to do it our way. We are relaxed chatty and I have a lot of spare cats.

And that way was cats. I will ship a small cardboard box of fur and claws for you to open and lose the tips of your fingers. What an offer!!!

No cup or points requirement just come onboard and try your best. We have people from around the world!!!

No actual cats will be sent

So does that mean , we get to keep the empty box? :smile:

Join the alliance to find out. Free cardboard boxes for everyone. May or may not contain cats. I think there is some kind of science experiment here as to if you have a cat or not…


Cats, Cats, Cats. Lol lol. We do need great new tem members.

Doesn’t have to be cats… tell me what you want? I found a family of hedgehogs in the garden. You want? Maybe a frog as the cats brought one in the other day.

Let’s start talking we can make a deal!!!

Do you require war participation, or is it okay to opt out?

Opt out if you want to :slight_smile:

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