Free? Atlantis summons


Ok, I bought the 4x gems offer which had 100 Atlantis coins as the bonus. I see the summons icon on my base page say there is 1 summons available. At first I think I missed a daily summons, but it says there is a “free” Atlantis summons.

NO. It is my own coins being used.

Devs, pls understand that is a blatant lie.


Free Atlantis summons, no money down!

Free Atlantis summons? No, money down!


I cannot see a 1x free summon anywhere??


Yeah, this can be misleading. I don’t quite understand why they used the “free!” word there. They should’ve just left if without any description (when you collect 100 coins you see 100/100 there so it’s obvious you can do a summon). OR put “use” or “summon” instead of “free”. You pay for the summon (with coins) instead of gems which is probably why it is considered “free”.

@Zero2Hero when you collect 100 coins the description on the summon button (under 350 gems) shows “FREE” instead of number of coins you collected.


I don’t think it’s an intentional lie, but it’s misleading and should be changed indeed.


The “free” is marketing, i.e. a lie. Intentions are what marketing is all about.

Change it.


You didn’t have to buy the coins. You can just get them as rewards in-game. That’s FREE coins!!! FREE COINS = FREE SUMMON!
Please stop criticising every thing the devs do and call every little thing a blatant lie… You basically bought cheap gems and got extra coins along them. So if you look at it that way… Guess what… FREE COINS!!!


Ehm…no, simply wrong wording

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Then why during the regular summons when you get 300 gems (enough for one summon) it doesn’t say “FREE” but still shows 300 gems? Gems can be also obtained as a reward without spending anything.

It IS misleading mostly because “free” regarding summons is used only in the regular summon that you get once a day (twice if you have the VIP pass).


I received those coins when buying gems. If a bonus is the same as free, then you are right.

But it is just wrong to say that, really. And if the coins I get from loot are free, then why not say all summonses are free?


Epic tokens found will be noted as “Free” Epic Hero Summon.


I had thought maybe we we’re getting a free Atlantis summon as part of VIP or something. Didn’t see until it was too late that I was just using coins.

Lesson learned I guess. It did seem misleading.


As someone who has no problem calling the devs out in BS, this thread veers into the area of just being waaaaaaaay to critical and nitpicking. Guess the saying is true that some people just aren’t happy unless they are bitching…


There is written “free!” 'cause “summon without gems consumption” were too long.
But they could let the coins icon on the button I guess…


Would have rather it said nothing at all. But I won’t make the mistake again, so no worries. I got Sabina out of it, btw


This is not any different from when you have an epic hero summon coin. If I remember right, it also says free, but uses the coin.


I have been accused of being to pro dev and, as in some posts here, as being too anti dev. Being fair minded is what I strive for. As some have noted, not always rightly, I can go too far.

Not here. Marketing, or making people believe in a product, knows the word “free” is loaded. When players have been slamming the devs for the stinginess in the game, giving them something free gives them a bit of cover. But what has been said to be free has been earned.

Putting that word where it was, obviously, was intentional.

Just do not do it again. Please.


It may say free somewhere. I am not up on that, but I do know my last token of every kind came from my performing an in-game activity that gave me loot. Earned is not free.

The Atlantis coins I spent (note, not redeemed) were a bonus from buying gems. If the summons does not say free, I would still have those coins.

As noted above by others…lesson learned.


This casual use of the word “free” is common in business, when the more accurate (but less snappy) term would be “no additional cost.” Restaurants advertise “Free valet parking” or “free salad bar” but clearly the cost of these amenities are buried in their food and drink prices. Cell phone providers talk about “free long distance” when they really mean “the bill you pay every month includes unlimited long distance calls at no additional charge”.

So, sure, the summons aren’t really “free” – they use up a valuable in-game resource that you earned or bought. But it’s standard commercial language that I think most people understand accurately.


I complain a lot on this forum but this doesn’t bother me at all