Free and Happy :)

I’ve uninstalled this game. One of the best thing I’ve ever do in my life. I’m tired of crap board, nerf loot. Even Elemental Chest are garbage recently. Now there’s hero formation which making filling heroes chest that already hard getting harder. Well, I’m Ftp btw so I ain’t lose anything. Just 2 years of my time wasted. Good luck y’all. I’m out, finally.


Did you have fun at the time? If so, time wasn’t wasted.


It’s weird, all these people quitting and what not. I still love this game after 2.5 years. I just stopped spending like I used to. As long as you can complete all events and stay in diamond, no need to spend anymore money. Anyways, best of luck.


Yes i still love the game too and yes sometimes the bord and everything else sucks and yes sometimes it is very frustrating but I play the game for 2,5 years and eaven my doughter ask me (did you still play the game)? And the answer is yes i still play the game because I have nothing else to do sometimes

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