Freaking finally the fomo ends

So long, SO LONG, I’ve wanted this guy and finally TC20 gives him to me!

So many tc13 pulls, so many epic tokens used, so many event and holy elemental pulls, some tc20 pulls and did i get any wukong? Nope!

So many li xiu. A RIDICULOUS amount of Hu tao. Plenty of other 4* repeats i have gotten multiple times. Somehow wu kong ALWAYS evaded me.

But now he’s mine, finally mine! So many others take him for granted because they got him easy. No one say this achievement doesnt warrant a personal thread - you’re wrong. Ive wanted wu kong since I started playing. I was starting to think this moment would never come.

I feel so satisfied right now. I must celebrate some how


Finally you can be a productive part of your alliance. :wink:


Congrats. May all your titans curse Wu’s name!
By contrast with your experience, the first two 4* heroes I got from TC13 were Wu. I was ignorant at the time, and thought I was doubly unlucky to get two of a useless hero. Doh.
You know enough to treasure what you have received.


Congratulations! He’s pretty awesome, and I wish you much joy of him. That said…given the average time needed to max Wu’s special, I’ll be looking for your first complaint about how you’re now missing way too often in [checks notes] say, two weeks?


He took me 11 months to get. Once I got him, I looked the titans dead in the eyes, and I said… I said, “biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch.”


I love me some key and peele.
And I just got my first Wu Kong the other day

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And now you finally can throw your phone when on an amazing board he miss every single strong tile.

It’s a great day today :face_with_monocle:


Definitely one of the best heroes in the game (yes, that includes you Tarlak).

I’m sorry for not being empathic with you, but he was my 2nd or 3rd 4* hero, and now I have him repeated (in exchange, there is a little drunk old man that has evaded me in every blue elemental summon, he always sends his now useless nephew Valen).

Anyway, congratulations.

Just one question: what is a “fomo”?

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I was on the same boat as you, it took me 9 months to get 1 of him. A lucky elemental pull did get me this little monkey, nor Tc13 or Tc20 did it.
Just to know, my record without him was 55k on a purple Titan 5* or 6*. What’s your?


PS : Fomo means Fear of missing out


Awesomesauce, I need some wu in my life plz santa!

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Congrats on getting him. My wu has been misbehaving so bad the past few weeks I actually pulled him from my line up…figured maybe a benching will make him behave again…lol

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I bet you didn’t give him bananas…

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Congratulations! Any card you get at long last is cause for celebration! Enjoy your Wu, and may you get any others you are missing. :wink:


aaand you’re posting a screen of him still at level 1. Yay.

He just got him. What level should he instantly be?


Thank you for the info…!!!

Internet law states that all posters of gacha heroes must Google for a max level copy of the card. Failure used to be punished by forfeiture of the hero in question. But the penalty got reduced to “random people make snippy comments to you for the next couple of days.”


:roll_eyes: :grin:

20 snippy comments


One of my first yellows. I didn’t even want to get him, and probably if not for this forums, I would have fed him off to my Chao the same day.

Those were the dark days.

Now he’s my favourite. :slight_smile:

46k strike on what I believe was a 6 star nature or dark titan. It could of been a 5 star one though!

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