Fraud or forgery - crafting question

Evening all,

My forge is level 10 and my stronghold is level 17.

I use mana potions and bear banners for challenges and titans, arrows and axes for bosses.

Plus a smattering of turtles and health potions.

My alliance is quite young and we fight 3 and 4* titans. I have a 2800 team and normally score in first or second place. I usually play Kiril to buff my team.

Is there any reason to progress the forge?

Lvl 19 is tornado’s, but needs are dependent on limitations… if you don’t have a strong roster of 4*/5* heroes then training camp 20 should be your goal.


Eventually yes. a team of 60s and 70s will do quite fine vs low level titans without powerful items. But as you get into higher level titans, you’ll appreciate having the power of tornados, dragon banners, and timestops on your side.

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Ooo never even seen a time stop. What does it do?

pauses the enemy from attacking or doing anything for 3 turns.

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Totally agree with Dante that TC 20 is higher priority than Forge upgrades at your stage of the game. Unless you are already flooded with unleveled 4/5* heroes, focus on Iron Storage, Stronghold, and TC upgrades until you get to that point. DO NOT research any TC levels between 14-18. Just push right on through.


Also reduces mana to 0. Handy in Events especially.


but wait there is more… it also drains 100% of the enemies mana!


Thanks guys, I’ll leave the forge for now and get my TCs levelled :grin:

I would say you need to higher level forge items to try to complete EPIC for the challenge event. If you get stuck you can always power through with bombs/axes/arrows for the levels you can’t beat. The completion of the challenge events gives you like 2-3 unfarmable ascension items so I feel it’s pretty worth it. Also from now until the event 2 weeks to level up your heroes. From the Developer news update it seems they are trying to push this new event which is Red reflect so I would focus on your Blues, if no blue purple and yellow instead.


Level Forge up to 16 at least. It takes too long to get TC20, and 16 Forge is not really a slowdown in comparison. You need it to finish Epic difficulty of monthly events easily, just use axes, bombs and dragons on bosses.

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Aye what is all the loot used for like dragon bones etc. I’m new and just have a bunch of stuff and don’t know what the use is.

Allllllllllll this stuff:


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