🎃 Frank - 4* Ice/ Blue from Return to Morlovia (Halloween) (NEW)

Do the dead enemies count in war clean-up?

Yes, they should…

Lvl 11 Mana troop plus the 12% would make home average I believe

Thank you @Txapos and @Marktanner.

He has started receiving feeders so going ahead regardless. Makes sense that minions don’t count but (as an owner) it would have been fantastic.

Is the dead enemy count per wave in maps/quests or cumulative?

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Frank is not a hero who generates so much desire, but he is an ok hero. Far from being bad, but nothing that can generate enthusiasm.

Enemies per wave :ocean: Not cumulative for all waves. Happy leveling! I have Sumle, but Frank has more utility and durability. Sumle is a killer but I hate the misses.

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I was just wrecked by Sumle in today’s rush attack tournament. All the boulders hit, my healer was charged to fire the next turn but 4 of 5 of my team died from Sumle’s boulders and that was that.

I understand what you mean, I am generally skeptical about slow heroes as well. I have one niche use in mind for Frank, 4* Rush Attack Tournaments. Will also experiment with Buff Booster in combination with Brynhild. Beyond that I have no intention of using him but my situation is not universal.

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Correct, slow is 12 tiles, to become avarage (10 tiles), slow heroes need 20%.
So options are:

  • 2 family bonus (5%) + Mana Level 29 (15%) = 20%
  • 2 family bonus (5%) + Mana Level 23 (13%) + ClassNode19 (2%) = 20%
  • 3 family bonus (12%) + Mana Level 11 (9%) = 21%
  • 3 family bonus (12%) + Mana Level 5 (7%) + ClassNode19 (2%) = 21%

To become 9 tiles need 34%, still not yet imposible:
Optimal: 3 family bonus (12%) + Mana Level 29 (15%) + ClassNode19 (2%) = 29%
Need 5% more… and sadly Element link is only 4% and the blue one is Miki which is slow duh…, Ariel can help of course she give 24%, but need to wait depend on her 1st cast special is not priority in Raid.

To be become 11 tiles need 10%, options are:

  • 3 family bonus (12%)
  • 2 family bonus (5%) + Mana Level 1 (5%) = 10%

The eficient synergy at least the same color stack is with Valeria. But if we have Vanda or Francine or Victor as and off-color, that’s also a good option.

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The 3 family bonus is 12% not 10. Does it make a difference?

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Woops… I just read the image from OP images… lol… I already check in game, ok it is 12% not 10%,… I will update my post,… yes make difference, no need ClassNode19 anymore :+1:

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Funny I want Vanda now because I want to build a team around Frank. He’s definitely going to be maxed and I already have Francine.
Will be trying to get Vanda or victor later in the week. If I get either of them, I will consider embleming Frank over jott.
Average speed Frank with -44% Def drop and potential to clean up teams is going to be fun

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I want Vanda to join my team but that has nothing to do with Frank!


Never saw this one, do they sell them on market?

Or any countershields vs titan, you need to lookk and look, there is 35 shields and I would say that 10 is most of I have seen :smiley: (in 90 sec :wink: usually)


LMFAO…he is so Mickey Rourke


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