Francine's cleanse and Vanda's block does not work on Chameleon

Tried to use Francine’s cleanse for Chameleon’s elemental change but neither the initial cleanse nor the subsequent 3 turns worked.
This status eilment can be cleansed by Rigard so it should be a bug.

Same goes to Vanda, her special which is supposed to block new status ailments did not block Chameleon.

Both tries were carried out in current Guardian of Teltoc event.

Is it because the first part of Chameleon’s special is to debuff all enemies?
Then comes the element change.


Did you use Francine’s initial cleanse after Chameleon had fired? In that case it should have worked. If before, then no, her cleanse would be dispelled first.

Vanda’s immunity is not undispellable, so it is also dispelled first.


her card says at the end of turn. She doesn’t cleanse immediately. It should have worked after matching some tiles. That’s how I get it.

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Yes if this happen after Francine cast, then Chameleon cast. (Francine effect will be gone)
But if Francine cast again… let see…

1st Chameleoon cast, so allies have element change to blue.

Before Francine Cast (04:01.9)

After Francine Cast (04:17.6)

… now after this step, we need the screenshot if next turn Francine will clear the element or not, or this screen is already in the next turn after Francine cast? if so, then Francine can not cleanse Element change which is should be bugs.

So it should be like this in step by step:

  1. G Chameleoon cast, so All our allies have element change effect aliments ON
  2. Francine mana charged
  3. Francine cast special, set status to cleanse for the next turn
  4. Now in the next turn, it should be cleanse the element change effect

no, the screenhots show exactly the same board. There was no board movement and that’s why Francine can’t cleanse yet.

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Great catch, so, we need next step just like what I said, we need the screenshot next turn.

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As above, it only does the debuff AT THE END OF THE TURN.

Turn ends when you fully finish your moves which INCLUDES tile movements.

After you moved a tile & the subsequent cascade (or not) finishes, the cleanse will kick in THEN.

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