Francine was shouting not in the goal, but to the right to aim


I am aiming to left target. And shouting


… and Francine shouting to right aim, not left.

When targets were 3 or 4 it was also shouting to right of aim.

Do you have an image of the actual damage she did? She hits three equally, would need to see one with 4 or more heroes where she doesn’t hit the one to the left of the target. That would tell if it’s a targeting or a graphic glitch.

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Will try to replicate - I see it one more time after ticket creation.
May be I am mistaken, but it is not graphics bug, I found that when tried to shout 3 enemies and left were not touched. Will try to check.

Seems you are right, graphics bug.


Btw I don’t see damage NUM under scissors…

Damage num may be covered over by the scissors.

I checked, all 3 enemies were impacted. Only graphics bug…

This is a well known bug with different heroes since years(?) now.

Maybe it will get fixed in one of the next versions until another hero makes problems…

Well known bug, and still not fixed?

This is happening due to the Udjat Eye Amulet. This is fixed in v50. Do let us know if it keeps happening still.

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