🎃 Francine - 5* Nature/ Green from Return to Morlovia (Halloween) (NEW)

how do you see this defense team?

I play Evelyn(+7), C.Elkanen(+8), Francine (+10), total damage around 1400-1500 on three (depending on your troops and the defense stats of the enemies) So yes they kill 3 targets, unless Telluria has already casted 2 minions. Getting your 7 or 8 green tiles will lower the health of the opposing heros already, even if it’s just a little bit they will end up around 1400 hp or lower which is the exact range where the said combo will kill all three.

Tested it against maxed GTV defenses with lvl 28-30 troops. I always target the side where the blue hero is (usually vela) :grin:

The cleanse over time (this should be a new acronym, COT) is very useful in today’s meta, if you do not have the ailment shield heroes like Grazul. Usually the enemy will have tons of fast ailments that may hit every turn back to back. Telly, Vela, gravy, drake. Francine just solves that by having the COT

Got here, finally I new baby to lv up.

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Thanks! This means Francine is a great addition to the war Green offensive team.

I think she is a good hero. Well-distributed stats, reasonable damage, extra damage to ice, and clears ailment status.

Yes, overall, is like Zeline, though instead of dispel she cleanses and doesnt hit to all.
The extra damage is against ice

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So what talent Grid I choose?

Personally I would go Attack > HP > Defence :slight_smile:

More attack = more damage from her; especially to Ice enemies!
More HP = more resilliance to DoT enemies (like Vela or GM)

Reasons for HP>Def here: "How better" is +18 DEF than +36 Health right now? In what cases it's resonable to go for the HP instead?


Thanks again 20 characters…

Fast mana, solid attack line, cleanser for 3 terns… Francine impresses me more and more every time I see her. Pair her with Evelyn, Rat, Tarlek and you can do some serious damage.


Thx for the link. Do you think if i go def hp , is there a chance for her to be a decent tank? To be clear she has better stats than lets say ursena or grave

I really like her cleanse. Or maybe a flank to mitshuko ( dont havr bk )

I would say she’s a better flank than tank.

But in the end you gotta work with what you got :slight_smile:


I have those same heroes in line, who Frigg just cut, and I just landed Vanda too LOL

Awesome! I think I’ll still do a few more pulls for Vanda. Still have 2 EHTs from the event quest. Halloween only comes around once per year after all and I think Vanda is worth it since my reds arent that strong.


Anyone have screenshots of an emblem Ed Francine hitting a blue hero?

What do you think of francine? I just got her and I am not a fan of her skills…how should I consider her?

Wow I was so wrong lol. I am really glad I got her now.


As one of the best green of the game :roll_eyes:


Cleansing status ailments every turn for 3 turns with a hit 3 that does extra damage against blue are awesome and should not be underestimated. Personally making Francine a priority as my next maxed green.


I think she has solid stats and a very well rounded ability. Decent damage to 3, a cleanse and the extra damage against ice(like zeline). This extra damage shouldnt be understimated, see vela case


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