🎃 Francine - 5* Nature/ Green from Return to Morlovia (Halloween) (NEW)

For me, comparing a single line of a heroes card is pointless cause they’re never in isolation.

As I said. In my opinion just different.


29 EHTs. Only 2nd Zulag and 4th Kadilen. Also got Jack and dupe Valeria. SMH

Buffs, eh? Grazul and Garnet and Gato and Vanda and Aeron AND Francine are offering different things on the table. Among them, only Francine, Vanda and Gato deal damage. Garnet and Grazul are utility support heroes and they themselves offer something different to whichever team they may belong. While Grazul may resist status ailments to her entire team on top of a minor heal, Francine does not heal but damages the enemies, deals extra damage to blue enemies and cleanses status ailments in every turn for 3 turns. Each has their own function and you will have to find which of them synergizes the best with the rest of your heroes.


Planned to wait for Nov, but had a good feeling today and used 20 (half my) EHT, 2xJack, Frank and Francine. Wanted vanda more to flank my Tell in war, but Tell is dead and boring anyway. Might make Francine my new tank or we change to other tank element and she can flank Killhare or mica. :thinking: looking strange, need more thinking but want Francine on d. :sweat_smile:
Or the “we cleanse it all” lineup :rofl:

Great hero and beautiful card, like Vandas :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Too much melodrama. I still see a lot of Tellies when I reroll and there are still many using her as tank in the Top 100 leaderboards.

Congrats getting Francine though. I like her skills but I think Vanda has a better artwork.


Be careful with Mica as tank. I was considering running him at tank but decided against it just due to there being some really good purple dispellers as well as purple just being full of heavy hitters as well. The fact that Mica doesn’t hurt the opposition directly is a drawback as well.

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Was lucky to get her. First new 5* in the last 5 monthsi think.

I am a big fan of fast tanks. I will use her, her cleanse is very interesting vs all the burn that will come against her as tank. Opinions?

I got her in the 9th pull of saved EHTs
Shes my first competitve green 5☆

Do you see her in defense? What position? My tank is Ursena


You will take the first tick of DoT damage before the cleanse. I observed that while fighting Francine as a boss. She took the first hits of Gravy and Clarissa’s ailments before cleansing.

I haven’t got her, but took a look at her damage on the quest stage, there she seems to have ~50% extra against ice. Usually the special skill of the stage bosses matches the released heroes, their healing/damage numbers may be reduced. But as a guess until someone tests it as a hero this is my best guess.


Both Scarlett and Grimm were at 696 defense with troops.


Can anyone in Beta test if Frigg + Evelyne + Francine can kill 3 opponents? If so, that’ll be huge.

And blue or non-blue?

I guess not.
If it’s Blue enemy there’s still a chance.

I guess you need put one more like Elkanen.

I added Francine’s buff to the list:

Her effect is pretty interesting, you do need to get statused first though but then it will cleanse when the turn ends.


I still think Grazul’s one is better, when you do not have debuff already. But if you have, Francine one can save you.

Got her while hoping for Vanda (but only because I need red heroes more than any other color), took her to 3.70 and I am appreciating her high damage already. Still need to test her more against ailment heavy defenses (if she can survive long enough) but I’m believing more and more that she is as great in practice as she sounded on paper.

She might lose something on defense as you can plan around her and dispel her cleanse (though I believe she’ll be a great flank for BK tanks) but she’ll do great on offense where the AI isn’t advanced enough yet to target her when needed.

She’ll pair great with Frigg and Evelyn (or Almur otherwise) and will bring a much-needed cleanser to the green teams.

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Used all 29 of my saved EHT’s and only got Frank, Valeria, Vlad and Jack. Got triggered and did a gem 10 pull and got Francine lol. Still want Vanda tho!

Francine will cut the line for tonics ahead of Heimdall, Ratatoskr, Zocc and Margaret who are all at 3/70.


Pulled her today, not sure if she will jump Frigg in line for tonics tho.


Reading these makes it even harder to wait for November! Great pulls! I’ll try to stay strong!


Any idea what her extra damage to ice is? From what I saw it looks like about 50%

Frigg is 100% better. I am VERY excited about my Francine pull. But Frigg is the better hero.


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