FR/WW : Les dieux de la Mort / 3 places / 3 slots

Hi all,

we are cool, so we decide to open our alliance on international…:australia::switzerland::denmark::clipperton_island::eu::argentina::pirate_flag::kiribati::jamaica::cayman_islands::norway::us::south_africa:


les dieux de la mort, Aka The Death Bringer; are looking for three life forms : vegetal, animal, or mineral.

if you’re sweet, 18 years old +, if you like the frenchies who speak a great english…or not?? …so…you’re welcome on board :pray:

7/8* titans daily, nice wars ( 2/2 victory since the chest is created ).

what are you waiting for? you’re already with us !!!

come on, bring it on…!!!