FPS drops after UPDATE

Really bad performance in “underwater” stages after update. I’m using Bluestacks emulator. Never happen before.
Any advise?


Fps meaning “frames per second”?

Not sure that there are really any solutions/ suggestions for Emulators.

Only stuff I really can suggest are the usual try dumping the cache etc…

Clear all caches, reinstall emulator, check graphics configuration. Nothing. Other games works well.

Sorry no ideas.

Can try contacting support but not sure they have too much experience with emulator play either…


They’re likely to just say it’s not officially supported.

Try noxplayer. I switched from bluestacks to noxplayer because bluestacks seems to be a huge resource hog.

Noxplayer is better with the resources, IMO. Plus it has more features.


I’m noticing really bad performance across all devices as well since V27. No emulators, all 3 Android including a newer Pixel. Titans are the worst. Big combos make the game unusable for a few seconds. I even had one end ‘early’ yesterday. The clock still had 0:02 left where it stayed, and the audio ticks still continued, but the screen went to Fight Over.

Edit: Cache cleared, phones restarted. Different networks, some cell and some WiFi.

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