🏅 [Fourth Raid Tournament] Final Results & Rewards – Share Yours & Discuss!

This thread is for sharing your final Ranking and Rewards at the end of the Fourth Raid Tournament.

Which Rank did you get?

What Rewards did you get?

How did this Raid Tournament go for you?

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It certainly isn’t what the non-reduced loot would have given me, but for the reduced loot while they work on matchmaking, I was decently happy with this:


I have to say, I REALLY like the 3* Raid Tournaments.

For me, they’re the biggest departure from my normal daily game play raiding in Diamond. And that makes them fun and novel for me.

I’m really enjoying making use of my old 3* heroes, and leveling several new ones for the 3* Raid Tournaments.

I’m even thinking about eventually using Emblems on a 3* Hero or two that I’d be likely to use in most of the 3* Raid Tournaments. I see myself maybe doing that in like 4-6 months maybe, once I’ve got a good core of Emblemed 4* on my roster. I’m thinking that Brienne, Belith, Hawkmoon, Tyrum, and/or a sniper or two are probably good ones to consider with good versatility.


Tournament Final Result:

Result Points Defender’s TP Result Points Defender’s TP Result Points Defender’s TP Result Points Defender’s TP
W 444 2144 W 468 2403 L 305 2435 W 474 2461
W 449 2216 W 472 2445 W 463 2350 w 476 2478
W 454 2294 W 476 2496 W 466 2377 W 478 2503
W 459 2308 L 233 2512 W 468 2404 W 480 2518
W 464 2356 W 468 2399 W 471 2431 L 313 2544
Day 1 Total 2270 - Day 2 Total 2117 - Day 3 Total 2173 - Day 4 Total 2221 -
Defense Day 1
Result Attacker’s Defense TP
W 1988
Win (Day 1) 1
Loss (Day 1) 0
Total Win 1
Total Loss 0
Grade A
Points 900
Defense Day 2
Result Attacker’s Defense TP
W 2152
L 2286
L 2324
W 2116
L 1966
L 2116
L 2089
Win (Day 2) 2
Loss (Day 2) 5
Total Win 3
Total Loss 5
Grade D
Points 400
Defense Day 3
Result Attacker’s Defense TP
W 2136
W 2066
W 2177
W 1946
W 1893
W 2010
Win (Day 3) 6
Loss (Day 3) 0
Total Win 9
Total Loss 5
Grade A
Points 900
Defense Day 4
Result Attacker’s Defense TP
W 2068
L 1935
W 2130
Win (Day 4) 2
Loss (Day 4) 1
Total Win 11
Total Loss 6
Grade A
Points 900
Attack Power 2330
Defense Power 1803
Attack Record 17 W - 3 L
Defense Record 11 W - 6 L
Attack Points 8781
Defense Points 3100
Total Points 11881
Rank 3190
Tier Top 1%

My Lowered Defense Team:



@yelnats_24 this is fantastic! Great synopsis of all of your data and results!

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I fooled myself this tournament about rewards. I’m frequently seeing 4* ascension material in Example loot for 1%-5% category. But the frequency of showing loot in example isn’t the same as chance that you can get it.

In 1%-5% category chance to see ascension item in example loot looks more than 50%.
But chance you can get it is 1%.

I feel pretty sily and inexperienced about how advertising and reality works now.


low loot :roll_eyes: nothing unfarmable :cry:


1-5% tier on main got an orb and EHT. 1% on alt compass and 10 emblems. Results below


Ended up in the 5-10% band, but got the worst possible loot on each roll. That’s the way RNG goes.

Attack wise, everything went fine, but I just can’t figure out the defensive scoring. Each day’s score shouldn’t be based on cumulative record. My record each day was 0-0, 0-4, 3-5, 1-0. That got scored as C, E, E, D. Seems like it should have been C, E, D, A.

This tournament also heavily favored offense so I would be curious if and how anyone got A or B every day on defense.

My defense team was attacked 7 times, won 6 of 7. I lost one of 20 matches for bringing the wrong attack team by mistake. All others I won more or less easily triple or double stacking vs. center. I didn’t use any Atlantis or event heroes and only spent emblems on Gunnar (who I believe was key to my success in this event). I made rank 33 or so in the end. Loot was average, 30 emblems were nice.

Top 1%

1 Hidden blade
10 Emblems
3 Atlantis coins

I enjoyed again playing a 3* heroes tournament. As a F2P, 3* heroes are my core so using them to bring me to the top was really exciting and comforting. In both 3* heroes tournaments I managed to get to the top 1%

Still it feels like tournaments have a very big issue in the defense scoring system. I don’t know if SG will be able to actually fix it or will have to change it. I suggested that the problem is people with few attacks have that problem because they get locked when another player finds them but don’t want to attack them. I think a 1 hour timer is neccesary to ensure the fight, otherwise defender wins and can be found again.

I remark that last thing because I went 16/4 in my offense, but my defense got C A A A grades, which gave me so many defensive points to get to the top 1%, even when I failed 4 attacks (I’m sure there are people who got better offensive record but didn’t make it to top 1%)

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14 W - 4 L (Got knocked out on the last day, so could only play 18 matches)

Defense grade: A A A A


My offensive record: 16 wins 4 losses
My defensive record: C A A A
My rank: Top 1%

I think I had one of those records that enlight the weight of the defensive luck you can have. I’m absolutely sure there are users here that went better than 16/4 but still didn’t manage to get into Top 1%

I read people saying “you want more points, defeat stronger opponents” That’s correct and ideal if the tournament is well designed.

The big issue here is that offensive points are directly related to your strenght and your ability to win. If you face stronger opponents you’ll get more points. BUT defensive points are not directly related to the strenght of your defensive team! You can put a 1400TP on defense (@Wondermoose strategy) and get A’s while you can put the best you have on defense and not get a single A.

I think defensive points should be reduced from 900, 650, 500, 400, 200, to something like 550, 400, 300, 250, 150. So the impact of getting A’s is no more than having 1 more win in offense.


I thought the team matching was absolutely amazingly wonderful and could not have been managed better by a deity. (I have to say that so as not to upset you).

On the attack, I was really genuinely impressed that they had a progressive increase in the opposition points. I liked starting off ahead and then at game three be even and have the last two as an inferior force. It was thoroughly enjoyable thinking about what the defenders were thinking when they set up. I saw some tragic mistakes and all but one person my defense team beat had teams that were more than 10% numerically superior: My 2049 to 2352 as an example.

Getting attacked 17 times on day two just excited me all the more because who just plain does not live for losing and then getting whipped? I know it gets me out of bed. Seriously, losing like that is not much better than sliced bread.

When the attackers had from -100 up to +350 more points than my defense team I knew these coding guys were well more than 10% on top of their game. What else could explain things being a source of such seeming oddness? I can see the comments in the computer code transcript:
COM “That’ll teach you for being cocky while you were winning”
COM “I let you win, now it’s my turn”.
COM “You seriously thought defense would be the same?”

Of all my loot, I’m not sure which I’m most excited about? The token, that delivered, by some amazingly bizarre, but also an extremely fortunate coincidence, yet another blue 1* troop (which I will treasure and covet with his many brothers too expensive to use in levelling). 3 pieces or 4*'s worth of loot (they will look lovely with 200-400 hard farmed buddies already in my inventory. The generosity that most deeply touched me however was the 2 gems!! I had never dreamed of such largesse. To think that we live in such a privileged society. That works out to a mind blowing AUD$ 0.04; seriously, that could have bought someone a cornflake; a wholesome precious cornflake. Why they give us food and steel, I’m not sure as by the time you can afford to have spare teams sitting around to engage in battles and such; one thing for sure is that Food and Iron is being belted out at about 600,000 each per day. So 45 minutes worth, I’m sorry, but it is kind of worthless to anyone over level 13.

Thank you again very wonderful SG games for arranging the tournament, without which, life would have less meaning, it was an absolutely 10 -25% ball to play, but my mistake on the defence team gave me a class C experience. I loved it actually, and as my ego is not win dependant, that helped.

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Finished with a 17 from 20 record and A ranking on defense. Gave me top 1% which provided me with a much needed trap tools mat. I have to say that things seem to be working better now, as such a run got me to 1% but i think there still needs to be a little work on the defense side of things to make it more balanced. Just a shame now the loot was nerfed :grinning:

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This one was great, even though I was in a better loot tier last times.

  • matchmaking [balanced]
  • defense [balanced]
  • rules [cool]

One issue: Everyone should get the same number of incoming attacks to make the results more comparable.

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Record: 18-2

Defense got attacked once on day 1 and won. Grade A for all 4 days. ( very lucky )

Ranked top 1 % placed 450.

Loot of note: Hidden blade and 10 symbols.

Good luck to SGG with solving the attack distribution alogorithm.

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Well, I have been lucky with my defense: 2-1; 1-1; 2-0; x = A everyday (5/7). Together with my 17-3 for attack it awarded me a top 1%. But with the loot I was very unlucky. Well, that’s life. I consider it training with free loot to future tournaments with real loot.

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Main: Top 1% - Sturdy Shield and 30 Druid emblems are the interesting stuff

Alt: 25-50% Sturdy Shield and 10 Fighter emblems

Last time my main and alt were in the same tiers as this time, and got almost the same loot (but no unfarmables for either). Just a few more emblems for the main.

From my little view point, until they remove the nerf there isn’t much difference between the tier ratings.

Ended up in the 1-5% tier

Loot: Poison Darts, Troop Token and 30 Druid emblems, along with some other normal stuff.

My defense was only attacked 7 times total over the 4 days, and remained A grade throughout.


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