🧭 Fourth Path of Valor (Valour; PoV4) Log and Discussion – Starts Aug 3

Leveling costumes doesn’t count. Costumes are not heroes.

I’d like to know at what level this challenge is capped because seriously, this is so stupid.

Yes, the suit level increase will be counted. Increasing the level of the squad-no.

Leveling costumes definitely does count. Just confirmed myself.


Hmm I just checked again, it looks like I was wrong.


I saved tokens for POV but this valor has no any challenge for that :man_facepalming:


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I find this POV very F2P friendly. Appreciated :slight_smile:


390 levels of heroes is obviously easier than 375 summons.


I have up to tier VI documented.

At a guess:
VII = 75
VIII = 100
IX = 125
X = 150

But totally a guess beyond tier VI. I’ve run out of food to keep progressing it haha


It happens like this. It’s not mine. But my reaction to it :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: :rofl:

  1. Is there a minimum amount of damage you need to do to a titan to qualify for the PoV challenge in the same way there is before you get titan loot?

(Glad the level requirement has gone - we struggle with 6-star titans)

  1. Sad the summon challenge is gone - have 53 available :cry:

  2. Actually gain a level is going to be tough, I may have to level up some low-level heroes I’ll never use as most of mine are stuck waiting on mats (Fine Gloves mostly but also Sturdy Shields).

Overall seems fine, should reach 48+ without too much hard work.


575 levels is easily achievable just by leveling 5*. Would be faster with 3/4*.

Hero Level-Ups Needed level 7 is 75 levels needed


Only if you have the 4* and unfarmable Ascension Materials to do it.

At least there’s no “fight in tournaments” challenge, I could never finish it.


Thanks. I will need to put together a solid plan to reach tier 48 this time - I’d like to not level up heroes just for the sake of doing it, but am pretty sure I am going to be doing some of that.

I have only 233 levels to increase available for heroes I’m currently planning on leveling. Considering how many are needed to fully complete this, I need to get some more heroes that I want to level. New to me heroes would be great, and some duplicate healers would be appreciated, otherwise I’m leveling up Renfeld and worse.


You can level 4* with 3* AM, or level 3*. Do you often run out of heroes to level?

According to my estimations:

  • The leveling rate of 3* is around 120 levels in 3 days.
  • The leveling rate of 4* is around 220 levels in a week.
  • The leveling rate of 5* is around 260 levels in 15 days.

That is using any color method/slow method (do not care about 20% exp bonus from same color leveling) and only using 1 TC.


Sure, for spenders. For people who don’t spend much or anything, we often have a lack of materials. I can tell you right now that of the level-ups needed, I have 145 levels that I can give 5* heroes. I either lack materials or heroes of the correct color to do more.

Most of my 5* are parked at 3.70 waiting for materials, except my Greens, where I lack the heroes. Luckily I can take on Red to max ascension, just have to pick one.

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I am not spender, if you don’t have 4* AM, leveling 4* heroes is actually faster, you can gain 1400 levels in 50 days.

Sure it’s faster. However, my list of 4* heroes to level is as follows:
2nd Rigard from 4.01 to 4.70

That’s the whole list. I’m not wasting materials on duplicate heroes that I won’t use.

3* is: Chick Jr, and Friar Tuck costume

So I either need to get lucky and get some new heroes, or simply strategize where I intend to burn feeders.

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All my 3* are maxed, my 4* are either maxed or waiting on mats, my (very few) 5* are maxed or waiting on mats for final ascension.

I currently have 3 TC20s running and for most of last month had 2 of the running continuously but got only 2 or 3 4* and no 5* :cry: so I’m working on developing duplicates of the 3* who have costumes.


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