Four star yellow ascension

I have three to choose from. I’m thinking the correct order would be Wu Kong, Li Xiu and then Chao. Any thoughts?

The first is definitely Wu. The other 2 could go either way. Depends what you need. I prefer Chao and fed my Li a couple weeks ago.

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That’s how I would level them.

Wu Kong I would definitely do first. I wish I had him.

Li Xiu is a good choice for second if you’re interested in putting the next yellow 4* on your defense team. However if your offense oriented right now, I’d go with Chao

AAnd don’t feed away 4*. Hero slots are cheap, quality heroes are not.

Li xiu is better than chao both offensively and defensively. Chao doesn’t hit very hard anyway so he’s not quite a sniper. His mana cut is sub par too because he drains 1 hero of 25% but they will recover that mana with a few tiles, it’s almost like you never mana cut them. At least li xiu drains everyone of a little mana.

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Depends on what you have though…? I feel 4 stars all the time that I know I will never use. Whether they are doubles/triples or just trash 4 stars.

Sure, but if we’re talking about someone ascending their first yellow 4*, that tells me they don’t have deep benches. I feed all incoming 4* (aside from two Buddies this month), but I’m done with 4* at this late-stage point in my game.

Fair call. Mannnnnn I remember when I first started playing and I was like what are all these slots for? dont I just need 5 heros? …sad to say many half decent heroes were fed haha RIP

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Wu first because he is essential for titans and some challenge events when you don’t have 5s
Chao second because he has fast mana and is decent for events or offense (after wu he is the best classic yellow 4
Li is better for defense but for me that has the lowest priority.

Wu and Wu and Wu.

Did I just Wu? :stuck_out_tongue:

Depends on your available roster and are you F2P/C2P/P2P.
If P2P, then just up Wu. If not, then Li for defense and Chao for offense.

I think I’m considered c2p. I’ve spent 8 dollars and started early September. Thank you for all the advice