Four Star Heros worth fully ascending?


Over the weekend, I managed to acquire four rare ascension items (two titans and a rare quest). But now, I am conflicted as to whether I should use hard-to-find items to fully upgrade four star heros (like Rigard or Grimm) or save them for possible Five star heros. Which four star heros have you personally fully maximized and am pleased with the results or consider to be worth fully ascended?

Best and worst 4 star heroes per color?

First, keep in mind that to fully ascend a 4* Ice hero e.g. Grimm, you will need:

  • 1 compass
  • 1 fine gloves
  • 4 warm capes

To fully ascend a 5* Ice hero, e.g. Richard, you will need:

  • 1 compass
  • 1 fine gloves
  • 8 warm capes
  • 1 Damascus blade
  • 1 tome of tactics
  • 6 Mystic rings

Many 5* heroes at 3/70 aren’t as powerful (measured subjectively) as many 4* heroes at full ascension—even though they’ve used precisely the same mats and a whole lot more feeders.

Now to your question, which 4* are worth full ascension? It’s easier to flip that around and finger some underpowered 4*. Again these are subjective based on my experience fighting with or against them:

  • Yellow Chao, maybe Hu Tao
  • Purple Cyprian?
  • Red none
  • Green Kashhrek? Skittleskull?
  • Blue Boril?

My team is mostly 5* now, but here are some 4* I really like still:

  • Rigard — only hero besides Vivica that can clear status effects, like Colen’s fire. When potions are available, a simple antidote replicates the skill, but in raids he can be a lifesaver.
  • Debuffers — No 5* can sweep away all buffs on your foes, but four 4* can: Sonya & Caedmon (Piercing Strike) and Melendor & Sabina (Calming Mist).
  • Defense debuff — Ramming Pulverizer (Grimm, Tibertus, Gormek) is useful not only for direct damage but for the reduced defense. Unless you have Athena, no 5* gives this same general debuff. Guardians Falcon and Jackal have a nice color-specific defense debuff that stacks with Ramming Pulverizer.


Every 5* needs 8 epic ascension items for the last ascension. If you don’t have close to those you need 6 of (darts, rings, tabbards, tonics or telescopes) or any 5* heroes for that matter, you should definitely level your 4* heroes.

4* heroes at level 70 are great and like Kerridoc said, often stronger than 5s at level 70. 5s are rare to get without money and the materials needed for the last ascension is even harder.

Even with a bunch of 5* at level 80 I have still leveled many 4s. 5 heroes really shine on level 80, but it is hard to get them to that point especially without spending and in any case it will take time.


Some of that question depends on how much you spend which translates to how often you get gems for doing hero pulls, either epic, event, or elemental and how often you play. If you spend somewhat (not tons but enough to get hero pulls semi-frequently) or have multiple TC13 or 20s going, it’s probably best not to ascend some of the weaker ones.

Here’s my list by color, but caveat that it’s possible I’m a complete idiot :wink:

Red: all the 4 stars are fine to ascend.

Blue: Grimm is amazing, Sonya is good and Kiril are good. If you care about defense, Boril is a tough tough tank or flank all the way up until you face multple 80s or teams with loads of 70s who can pick and choose who to bring. I personally haven’t ascended him on either of my accounts, but he’s not terrible.

Purple: Tibs is great, Sabina very good, Rigard is good and somewhat unique with his cleanse, which can matter at higher raiding levels. I wouldn’t take Cyprian past 3/60 even if he was your only purple. Other ppl like him, but he’s not useful at a much lower level than Boril since he isn’t as tanky.

Green: Caedmon is best, Melendor and Lil John are both good. Kashhrek and Skittle can be tough outs early on and very hard to take down as tanks, but their curve of usefulness drops off very quickly. Unless you are a really casual player, I wouldn’t use shields to ascend them past 3/60.

Yellow: Wu Kong is amazing. Hu Tao is not, I wouldn’t use orbs on him. Chao and Li Xiu are both good (don’t let anyone hate on Chao, he’s a fast single target 305% hitter who is much better on raids than Li Xiu). Li is obviously a better tank/flank on defense, but Chao is really underrated by most of the ppl here. I took chao to 70 early on my main account and never regretted it at all. Even now at 2500-2600 cups, he and Joon take down Hel tanks just fine. I’d ascend any yellow except Hu Tao.

A lot of it has to do with what you want to focus on: titans, events, offensive raiding only (for hams and iron), cups (both offense and defense teams). For example, if you don’t care about cups, then you don’t really need a strong defense team, so for Yellows, IMO Chao becomes more valuable vs titans and offensive raiding than Li Xiu.

Maybe if you give us a hero roster, the areas you want to focus on, and how much of a spender/grinder you are, we can give you more targeted advice.


I’m not really looking for targeted info. Mainly just wondering if it is worth it to use rare materials to fully upgrade 4s or save it up for the major expense of a 5.


Yes, spend them on the 4*.

You will progress faster when it comes to actually being able to ascend 5*'s if you build useful 4*'s first. At six months in I have 5x80 rainbow style but I sit almost all of them regularly for level 70 4*'s depending on the content I’m facing… and that is true with most long-time players too with few exceptions.


By the time you get the 4* ascension items (damascus blades, tome of tactics + colored items like Mystic Rings, etc), you’ll get the 3* ones you need as well.

In general, I and the others I’ve had count seem to get a 3:1 ratio of 3* to 4* ascension mats per color (ie. 12 hidden blades to 4 mystic rings).

So if you only have two mystic rings, go ahead and ascend that 4* red because by the time you get 4 more rings you’ll probably get 10-12 hidden blades.


OK, it seems that four star heros are indeed worth the effort. Now, which ones are truly worth a full upgrade? I have Rigard, Grimm, Boldtusk, Skittleskull, Scarlett, Boril, and HuTao waiting for orders. (Yeah, random draws give me fours.)


Boldtusk and Grimm first.


@Wearybear I can understand your dilemma! But as someone else mentioned, certain 4* heroes ascended all the way can be just as powerful as a 5*, depending on their SS’s.

I have several 4*'s fully ascended & they live longer than some of my 5* Heroes!

4* I have fully ascended that I have found new love for:

  1. Kelile- She is one of my BEST hero’s now that she is fully ascended!!! Her initial damage of 320% plus her A.E. damage of 306% damage over the next SIX turns AND her fast mana are incredible!
  2. Kiril-A lot of people aren’t very fond of him as a healer. But I think that those people failed to see that he makes up for his low percentage healing (28℅) with his after effects of +30% attack AND +30% defense to all allies over the next 3 turns. Its like having a built-in dragon banner! And fully ascended, he is hard to kill! Nice Average mana as well.

Hope this helps you some!


I like your suggestion on Kiril. He sounds fine to me. Anyone else have a four star hero that they are fond of maxing out AND using?


As many people said, there are a few 4* worth ascended. I personally have these ones

Purple -> Tiburtus… his defense down skill is super useful to take down faster any mob and also very good in raids. Rigaard can be a pain sometimes and can keep your team alive in some very difficult situations. Although i don’t have him, i would certainly ascend him if i don’t get Vivica (5* yellow healer, cleanse negative statuses and x% def buff).

Red -> Boldtusk… although he has only 28% heal, his 48% attack for all the team will help you enormous, especially if you get some good combos after a move.
Gormek… same special as Tiburtus, but his high hp for a 4* can help you tank much more dmg.

Yellow -> Wu Kong… if you get this guy and have the time/materials, you will not regret it.

Green -> Caedmon is my only 4* green, but i’m lucky it is him. He’s a fast mana, single hitter and removes every buff from the enemy team. Great asset for titans/raids.

Blue -> I would go with Grimm (same special as gormek and tiburtus), Sonya (same as Caedmon). If you want a good defender, Boril is your man. I don’t have Kiril tho, i would ascend him too.

Again, except Rigaard, Kiril and Vivica, i have all of the above. The ones i have currently ascended to 4th tier is Tiburtus, Boril, Wukong and BoldTusk.

All in all, some 4* heroes are worth maxed, they are good assets to help you in the Intermediate stage of the Challenge events. And by the time you get your 5*, you’ll gather all you need for them too. But to preserve materials, do not ascend them all in one go. Choose one, and by the time you train him to MAX, you may get a 5* to use your other items.


Agree that 4* are worth ascending. If I had been waiting on 5* before committing my ascension materials, I’d STILL be waiting, and really frustrated to boot as that final ascension level on 4* really transforms their efficacy and survivability.

Agree with @Dante2377 - Chao is useful. I ascended mine, and prefer him to Li Xiu. Also haven’t regretted it - very useful in raids to keep dangerous opponents in check (because Chao is fast mana) long enough to bring your healer or another big hitter on line. Excellent hero to have in your pack.

Also disagree with @Kerridoc on Boril. To me he was a game changer, and I found he only really became fully viable in his 4th Ascension. While he’s not all that convincing on Raid offence, I found he really helps with tough Event and PvE battles - he turns the big hitters power against them. Feed him some heals and keep his skill up and your hardest hitting enemies spear themselves on him (especially the AoE attackers) - it is a pleasure to behold. Boril is a must for my team in the events - completed both intermediate and hard tiers with him on my team while using only a minimal amount of battle items. (I actually opt to swap out Sonya for Boril for these events with hard hitting opponents).


Over the past 30 years “thorns” has been an critical must have in my team through many different games. It seems odd that Boril is rather derided here. I am seriously considering him.


There’s a larger disconnect in this game than there are in many others as people only have the heroes they’ve gotten and then solve the various game challenges how they can.

Boril is a servicable mid-tier tank and has some application elsewhere, but he’s not applicable in high rank defenses, offenses, or titan battles; that perhaps was too strong a dismissal, a better statement is he’s highly suboptimal in those situations compared to other options.

So you see a split between those in the middle and those who have all the options and facing higher tiers of content: the higher tier folks generally snub Boril regardless of how useful he can be in some situations because there are better ways to solve things in their (our, calling it what it is) opinions.

So focus on where you’re at: if you have few 4*'s then absolutely Boril will make some of the more difficult content accessible; however, if you have tons of options then he’s substantially more lackluster… and the opinions in this thread split that way nearly exactly.


I’m fond of Melendor (green), Grimm (blue) and Boldtusk (red).

I also use Cyprian (purple) hey stop laughing!, and LiXiu (yellow).

My philosophy is a hero in the hand is worth two in the bush: if you don’t have ascension items ready for your 5*, might be better to lvl that promising 4*.



I agree with the posters above. By all means, ascend the good 4* heroes and make a nice strong 4* team.

I played with a nice maxed 4* team for a long time and was very satisfied.

An alliance buddy of mine has only a 5* team … but not fully ascended … and she is not happy. At all. And materials for the final ascension of 5* heroes take forever.

In addition, like it was said above, a nice 4* team is great for the events.

And, I may add, even when you finally succeed in maxing some 5* heroes (and that takes lots of time and luck), good fully ascended 4* heroes can double up with your 5* in titan battles. I play richard and grimm against red titans, for example, with good results.

Happy gaming!


I have maxed out Chao, Rigard, Scarlett and didn’t regret it at all. Currently I still lvl Sonya, Gormek,Kiril and and and…


If you have enough materials go for the ascension, take a look at 5* heroes and figure out if you’ll keep using a fully ascended 4* hero or if it’ll be useless after ipotetically having a “better” hero.
Here below there’re my to-have 4* heroes list, not including events heroes.

unique damage buff

  • Wu Kong

3 target special; -34% defense

  • Grimm
  • Gromek
  • Tiburtus

(5 team healer + %ATK)

  • Boldtusk
  • Kiril

(5 team healer)

  • ALL

While for raids debuffers, mana-destroyer heroes and tanks have the upper hand.


I have maxed 12 4*:

  • Best one: Wukong
  • Very usefull: kiril, grimm, melentor, skitlleskull, tiburtus, Kelile, Gormek and li xiu (only in defense team).
  • I don’t use: Hu tao, Scarlette and Sonya (since i have melentor.

I’m focus on titan fight.