Four Star heroes you are Loving

Add two new heroes to the awesome list: Kitty and Goldie


I have to give an additional shout out to Ptolemy. New favorite to pair with Azmia .


Some really nice 4s

C Gormek for dispel first
C2 Li Xiu for silence 3
Cyprian for the counterattack @ 125%
Kiril and kiril costume one for attack and defense up the costume for enemy defense and attack down

Knuckles for reflect and defense

C Proteus
I really like Alfie
Franz I know I need to lvl for events where I struggled

There’s probably more 4s I need to discover and work on :laughing:

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This is the first time I’ve seen him on this list. What do you like about him?

I only have him at 46 but he hits pretty hard for a 4* plus he gives ailments to all colors and usually ppl set up a rainbow :rainbow: defense so taking him on attack is not a bad thing. He did pretty good for me on the last couple of events too. If I only had Franz lvled up, Alfie would have been better on my green event team.


Yeah thanks for showing this. And with his higher level later release stats he’s viable as a tank. He’s not fast, but what he does and his durability are big. I actually considered double limit breaking him

C2 Li Xiu is now my fave 4*.

Gave her the blems and LB2 this week and what a difference she makes.


Do you have a screenshot of her stats? Mine is at lvl75.

Here you go. Easily one of my favs. The skill, stats & superior wizard talent have her in my war rotation over the likes of 1LB 5* heroes Anne, Constance & others.


I havent levelled her other costume, so im not getting the max CB, but she is still hella good. Perfect for Taunt tanks.

This is mine without the other costume boost

She will always be a little squishy against 5* money heroes, but still a great hero to have.


I use Almur, CCCaedmon, Lady Woolerton, Waddles, Mist, CMelendor, CSonya, CCRigard, CCCyprian, Ana-Belle, CSabina, CTiburtus, Ptolemy and CCKiril at the 5* level. All are LB1 except Caedmon who is LB2 and Ptolemy who isn’t LB at all.

Ive just took her to LB1. Very useful hero. Sat on my bench for a long long time (just over a year now) but im finding uses for her alongside my 5* team now.

There are a few that I use frequently

C2 Caedmon
Xiahou Dun
C2 Kiril
C1 Gormek
C1 Rigard

And an honorable mention to Kalo for VF tournaments

Sadly I don’t have C2 Li Xiu

Ana-Belle is awesome. Even better at LB2. One of the best healers in the game.


Going to have to add Lucy to this list her 2nd charge going off for 115% to all every time a allie fires a special clears boards

I love Kashrek on his own and Azmia has come in very useful for some boss fights, few things are more satisfying than having a massive attack from an enemy do himself in because of the counterattack. I just had one of my most epic battles on level 8 of the tower where both bosses got revived and the only reason I was able to win in the end was because of this combo, I just wasn’t doing enough damage to kill the bosses without the counterattack.

It’s a shame that her passive skill is virtually useless. Otherwise she is wonderful.

Oh my. I completely forgot Azmia. And she’s in my defense team

she’s definitely a great choice when I bring an underpowered team to a fight… she can easily bring a team back from the brink with that max-65% heal!

It can be useful occasionally. Against Ludwig, she can dispel the taunt and then steal the mana boost from one of the neighbors, have the mana boost recharge her and dispel the mana boost from the other neighbor.

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