Four Mines in game, ad only Two upgradable

Why have you stopped allowing the Mines to continue to be upgradable. We have a hole bunch of Farms, but only 4 Mines. You locked them so I can’t upgrade them anymore. Level 20 is the limit for the Standard Mines, and now I find that only 2 of the 4 can be converted to Advanced Mines, and upgraded, but the other 2 can only be upgraded to Level 20, and they’re not upgradable beyond there, and you also stopped allowing upgrade to the WatchTower. Why is this? You want me to purchase Gems so you get Rich, and I have no monies for anything else to include buying things I need like Food, or something like that. You just raised the price for playing your game. It’s attroshous. You need to change it so the other Mines can also be converted after Level 20 to Advanced Mines, and continue to be upgradable up the road to help keep the game more competitive for those of us that aren’t Millionaires like you are. Additionally Why can’t I get more Trap Tools, so I can Ascend my Heros that require them. There’s also the one with the Mystic Rings. I can’t get them either. Both the Trap Tools, and the Mystic Rings are designed cost wise to make them scarce, so those like myself can’t continue on when I reach the Ascension point that will require those items. I need 5 Trap Tools, and maybe more, and I think maybe 5 sets of the Mystic Rings minimum for at least one Hero. Other Ascension items are also nearly to, and just as impossible to get for reasons I have noted earlier in this message. I don’t yet know beyond this point, but if I can’t upgrade those, and other Heros that require the expensive play areas to get them I will have to eventually stop playing this game, because I won’t be able to Ascend at least Three Heros known at this date. I can’t play in some areas because my Alliance is tooo far strong up the ladder for me to compete without a lot of Money, or some other great miracles to make the game so I can be able to compete in the Wars. I would go there now and just get instantly killed, as I don’t have any Heros with power enough to allow me to compete, and your game is a Gyp in the fact that when I play the Hero Summon area that I need some better 5-Star 4-Chevron Heros, and you don’t give me any. None of my present ones could compete in the wars because they don’t have enough power to match against the super high Heros had by my enemies, or be competitive with my Alliance members, and the Dragons and other Monsters are 6 to 8 Star against my 5-Star Heros that are ranked very low for power to battle. I don’t have the monies to allow me to get better Heros because you don’t give them to me in the Summon’s You always give me 3, and 4-star Heros, and no 5-Star 4-Chevron Heros. Please fix these issues to make the game more competitive for all players regardless of available finances. Thanks in Advance for Fixing These Issues.

This has always been the case. Nothing new has changed.

You upgraded the game to add new levels, but stopped Mines from giving enough Iron to allow me to easily continue forward. I can Upgrade many if all of my Farms first to Level 20, and convert them to Advanced farms, and still upgrade them, but my Mines aren’t upgradable to continue past the new points you set when you upgraded to add more levels to the game, and my Heros need some new stronger ones that will be competitive, and the Trap Tools, and Mystic Rings, and others required for Ascension aren’t available to me aas I can’t enter the wars to get some, and others you have removed from where they were.

Are you sure you aren’t hitting caps in iron STORAGE? Those are separate buildings that require upgrade.

There is enough storage room for everything the game requires.

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Have you considered finding an alliance that is a better fit for your roster?

There needs to be more Iron for proper play. I can’t do regular wanted upgrades because my Iron supply often runs out when I try to do many upgrades. I have plenty of Food, but not plenty of Iron. I have an over abundance of Food, but often a deficit of Iron.

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