Four Level 80+ players, looking for places to visit, NOT 12*, 13* or 14* titans

The title is self explanatory, now the specifics…

Non Negotiables

  • Daily active players - so ALL war flags, if players are opted in are used, AND everyone hits the titan with available flags.

  • Coordinated tanks - Purple or Red.

  • You’ll be hitting, 11* titans or lower (we could hit higher, but one of us, yes that’s me, loves to merc, but my buddies smash all titans, whatever the colour). Edit - It seems writing “up to 11*” titans was difficult to understand :disappointed_relieved:. Also reiterated this in the thread title.

If your alliance doesn’t meet this criteria, thanks for your time. GL in your E&P journey.

If you have a recommendation, please get hold of me on Line sarah2_nz or reply below and I’ll get back to you.


We hit 12* and sometimes 13* titans at A World of《Pain》and we are open to players to visit. We do Red tanks every war, minus rush where it’s purple tanks.

If you want to visit, i can ask my leader and have her contact you if you are interested.

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Thanks for the offer. We’re not looking to chain titans higher than 11*.


No problem at all. If you change your mind, please let me know


Wishing you @Sarah2 And your Buddy all the very best in finding your perfect alliance. You desert
Take care


Yay, welcome to Vikings Ascended. :).
11* titans, coordinated tanks
All war flags used.
Leader Sylvecyl.
My line I’d “agnelonline”.


Please check out equator alliances East of the equator we string 14* titans and have used purple tanks in war for some time, we win more than we lose. We have room for both of you now [ 3 slots open]. Click on the link below and let’s find a new home for the both of you. We do use discord……

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Thanks for the offer, but as stated above …

but… 14* titans is not what we’re looking for. GL in your E&P journey.

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Same to you good luck

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Sarah and HD are the absolute best! Any team is lucky to have them :heart:


You know where we are :green_heart:

We chain 12* titans without any extra help anyway so I don’t think it would put any extra pressure on you

And it would be great to have you back home home




Thanks @Melly & @Luna … From two fantastic alliances llamAgeddon

And TBD Part Deux

Anyone who joins is totally Blessed!


Always an absolute pleasure to have you around @Sarah2

Good luck in your search


@Sarah2 I’ll drop the titan limit just for you and HD :wink: we’ll even make sure there’s :birthday:


You had me at :cake: lol. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I figured people were responding who didn’t match your Titan limit because you put that in a distinctly separate area from the two non-negotiable items. That indicates that it is negotiable/flexible.

Kind of like on a job posting. The two items are required whereas the 11* Titan limit is desired. Have fun visiting alliances!

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Although from experience, active recruiters are tireless as well.


Some of us are just plain tiresome too :wink:

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If you haven’t found somewhere yet, do check out Thepalace. All flags used since I can remember (aside from one a$$ who was swiftly dealt with…), Titans capped at 11* (many of us merc when it’s a suitable time to do so), purple tanks for everything to keep things nice and simple!

Relaxed, active, friendly alliance under fabulous leadership. Think there are 2 spots available right now (or can be made for the right folk), so feel free to pop on by for a chat! Ask for @ChelleChelle or @S-Kay hope these are the right tags, sorry if not!) and tell them Badger sent you :wink:

Hope to see you, else good luck in your search


We are on titan *11 and *12. The coordinated color of the tank is green. All attacks are fired! The alliance is called MKD 69! Welcome