Four Concurrent Quests- Yay!


Thanks to the devs for upping the number of concurrent quests to four instead of two - noticed this pleasant surprise this morning! I’m assuming it isn’t a bug, of course. :wink: (If it is, please turn it into a permanent “feature”)


It isn’t a bug they were too quick on the button and eliminated Mount Umber, and Crafting II too soon. When they realized their mistake, they apologized and brought it back. :blush: I would love for it to be a permanent feature too. Unfortunately, I am pretty sure it isn’t going to happen.


262 feeders though… :hushed:


Ssssshhhhhh!!! I was hoping after bringing the first 2 back, they were going to forget those shouldn’t respawn new ones and we would have 4 quests permanently. These topics on how great a feature that will be (and it will ofcourse) aren’t going to help the forgetting part :wink: