Four 2400+ cups players looking to merge alliances

Hi everyone,

A month ago four of us started our own alliance.

7 Days Ago Created: The Big Wigs are looking for bold players

We’ve moved up to 6* titans quickly, won 7 out of 10 wars (well, in 1 hour that will be the case).
However we haven’t been lucky in finding new members. We were looking for people who hit titans at least 3 times, use all their war flags and have at least 2200 cups. I guess that there are bigger alliances with the same requirements which might be more attractive for individuals.
So after discussing a bit, we’d be open to merge.
Ideally with an alliance that has members of similar levels and commitment.
We’d actually be happy to be the juniors, so an alliance with a requirement of 2400 cups that hits 10* titans and higher would be awesome.
Here a screenshot of our current players.
Contact me here or on Line: Lepcake
We’re using Line actively, are quite chatty and not always PC (actually never). If you require Dischord, we’d have to think about.

The Zero alliance family has 7 alliances playing on different levels and playstyles. We would have place both for your 4 big and the small one also if you wish.

We have a common line group across all alliances for sharing advices and fun.

Zero Fallen is a competitive group with 11-12 titans when full, war startegy.

Check us out!

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Hi @Lepcake I am the leader of ZERO FALLEN and could take in the four of you. We currently fight 10 & 11* titans on 25 members if you’d like to know more you can contact me via line @Grumpigamer. When full we were fighting 12* titans and in top 150 alliances.

Id love to talk more about what you are looking for


I am joining forces with Council of Kings, this will be an active alliance pushing for maximum participation and rewards. Got plenty of room for the 4 of you. Come join and get in at the start!

If you want to join (M3) Murderous Three. We have 10 open spots. Fighting 6*-7* titans. With you guys joining I bet we could get higher titans. I am Diamond, and actively lead the alliance. We are casual, all we ask is hit the titan, and opt out of wars if you wont be participating fully.

Magical Exiles has room as well. 18 that have over 2000cups.
We are a solid active group.

Check us out in need for multiple players are open to a merger check us out


Are you still searching or have you found a new home? If you are still looking, come take a look at The Art of War Vol I. We are and striving to become an elite alliance.

The group you see are all motivated, they came with me from our new feeder alliance.

Come give us a try, matchmaking starts soon!

Cream of the Crop will love to have yous!

Check us out: …AND FREEDOM RAINS! we are 24 at the moment. There’s room for all of you!

Hi lepcake, check “elemental phoenix” we are fighting 9-10* not too chatty but active alliance. We use all of our war flags. I think u and team suitable for us. Currently we are 20 members.

@Lepcake I’m sure you’ve found somethin by now, if not you can hit me up in Line. If you need my id it’s in the Crew-Saders recruiting thread in this forum

Hi everyone, sorry for the late reply. Life was a bit busy recently.
We have actually merged with an alliance of similar size (they actually beat us in the last war lol).
We’re going to see how it goes.

Speaking of which: we’re now 9 players and looking for new members lol.

@Lepcake, How is your Alliance going?.. My Alliance is currently looking for 9-10 players to fill spots. Please let me know if your interested… Blind Leading Blind is the Alliance

Hi @hbkfromoz,

We went through another merger with an alliance we met in war. Had some people joining since then and we’re now 22. The Big Wigs are in hibernation with my secondary account staying there (can’t waste 50 gems).
We’re the at ‘Secret Hideout’ for now and we like it.
So atm we’re going to stay there. Fingers crossed for you to fill your spots.


If you guys are still looking for a new alliance, try Heroes Never Die! We talk about different things from strategies to waffle jokes! Into 6-7* Titans, and on a nice War Win Streak! Check us out!