Found super boost mana ability bug

In raid that found the enemy hero wad used hyper booth mana for special abolity.
Why the admin was modified the solfware for help the aitoplayer in raid battle by super booth mana to quicly full. That wss not fair.

Lol so many things wrong with both this post and your screenshot. Can’t. Even. Hahahahhahaa


Im not exactly sure what your asking but I’ll try to answer the two questions that I see as a possibility.

  1. Why can’t your heroes use/fill up mana?
    Your heroes mana is stopped because Proteus (4star purple Atlantis hero on right wing) has a special ability that stops your heroes from gaining mana for 3 turns. This is why Thorne and Skittles have a gray mana bar.

  2. Why did the opponents mana fill so quickly?
    Delilah has average mana and has good defense and health stats. Without stacking multiple purple heroes to help kill her before she fires she can be a punishing tank. If I was facing this team I would take out Thorn because the defense doesn’t have any red heroes and replace him with an extra purple hero. Also send your tiles to the left side of the board towards Kiril and Sabina because they will just heal a mostly full health team while you build up your heroes mana.


This effect wss got from super booth for enemy (the enemy was able to use three time in 5 to 6 turn.

I doubt anyone has emblems to +20 for the mana bonus yet. So the only other reason she may have seemed to charge faster may be related to the kind of troop they are using.

You are also aware that you are using all slow heros (Elena might be average? Cant remember)? But as @Alyssaann1014 said, main problem is that you have a rainbow team and need to stack multiple heros of the opposing elements to avoid scenarios like this.

This is not a bug. Or a super booth. Hahahahahahahahhahaha I cant anymore hahhahahahaha


Sometimes it just warms your heart and makes you smile to help answer these questions though. Am I right? :thinking::joy:


I tried. I really did. But I couldn’t help myself hahhahaa. Especially since you gave good advice, I had to try even harder. In the end I couldn’t hahhahahaa. It’s just too much sometimes


With fast mana troops I fired off Kageburado back to back 3 times in under a minute so it’s very possible… Especially if they’re already very fast mana heroes…

It is obvious that English is not the first language of the OP. Those of us that do speak English fluently should have some patience and appreciate that the OP came here for some help.

After reading through the OPs statements a few times, it looks like ‘booth’ actually means ‘boost’. So, the post is about the opponents mana filling quicker than expected.

@CSTT I, too, have experienced raids where it seemed that my opponents mana was filling quicker than expected. Here are a few things to consider. I’m not sure if any apply as your screenshot does not show some of the needed information.

  1. As pointed out, you are using 4 slow and 1 average hero. When compared to you opponents 4 average and 1 fast heroes, their mana will fill at a faster rate. This can distort your perception of the mana fill rate.

  2. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) gives your opponents a certain amount of mana each turn. This makes up for them not hitting you with tiles. They also receive mana from the tiles you hit them with. These 2 sources of mana can fill your opponents mana bars quickly, especially with fast and average heroes.

  3. From the screenshot, it looks like you don’t have a very good board. With no combos, your slow heroes won’t fill their mana quickly while your opponents still gain mana at the set rate.

  4. Certain troops can increase the mana gain for heroes. This will make their mana bar fill faster.

Considering all this, 5-6 turns is enough time for all 5 of your opponents to use their special skills 1-2 times.

I can see 3 minions from Delilah. That means she fired 3 times before your screenshot. If your ‘5-6 times’ was from the beginning of the raid, this is highly suspect. If your ‘5-6 times’ was in the middle of a raid, then it is possible.

Hope some of this helps :grin: To look into it more, something like a video would be needed as there are too many variables to consider :unamused:


You did better than I did on interpreting “booth.” And that explanation looks really sensical to me.

I’ve edited the title so that hopefully anyone else who participates in the thread starts off on the right track :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve run out of patience for people calling everything that doesn’t go their way a bug. No 5s from TC20. Bug . No 5s from pull. Bug. We have even people going at far as saying that the game is intentionally making them lose. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: All I can do now is laugh. There is so much information here and if people would be quicker to read rather than just vent, then I would have no problem. We’ve already given him the information he needs and yet he refuses to believe us. What more can you do but laugh?

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There’s a difference between laughing to yourself and posting that laugh where everyone can see it. Posting your laugh is inconsiderate of others and, frankly, we have too much toxicity on the forum as it is.

While I agree we do see many of these posts, if reading them is affecting how you treat others here then you may want to take a break from the forums. Or, perhaps, just stay away from the Bugs & Issues category.

Regardless, people come here for help and not to be mocked for not understanding. There will always be those that don’t ‘get’ the game, but helping those with questions/concerns will help minimize the amount.


I also find it inconsiderate when someone comes to the forums for help and then further refuses to listen to advice that we DID give. Maybe if you would stop coddling these type of posters then we would have less of them. I’m all up for providing honest help and advice but this, here, is all we get in return.


I get very frustrated too sometimes. But I think you’re looking at this the wrong way. We’re a community, and we have both new members joining every day, and a great many people who lurk the forum.

And they read threads like this, and it teaches them something about who we are as a community.

What would you rather have them learn about us? That we are impatient with people who are very misguided but are asking for help, or that we are the kind of community that makes a sincere effort to help and educate others, even when we know they’re wrong?

I really appreciate @Alyssaann1014’s and @LadySuzanne’s efforts to help CSTT. His posts are often difficult to decipher, and very heavily laden with conspiracy theory. I would struggle to find something kind and helpful to say.

But it says something commendable about these two regulars that they are able to put that aside and reach out a hand. That’s a community that I’m proud to be a part of.


You are right.

Was just heated. But there is truth in what I said. I just didnt convey it properly, so for that, I apologize.


Is CSTT upset about Delilah firing multiple times?

It’s not 100% clear to me, at least. But it seems likely she did.

The other problem, my rare hero “Alberich” was been loss from my hero roster.
That was not used everthing.

@CSTT double- check your Recent Activity Log to make sure you didn’t accidentally feed him to another hero. You can find the log by these steps:

  1. In-game, select the Options button
  2. Select the Support tab
  3. Select the Recent Activity button at the bottom of that screen

Scroll through the log and look for an entry that shows Alby being used to level another hero.


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