Found possible error in Magic night mode? [Solved] Enemies unaffected

System said all hero ‘ills/unfortune’ must last one move, but found that some time unfortune lasts more (in the picture it lasts all 3 moves and exactly left 2 moves)…

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  1. It is not the Magic Night mode but the Pterosaurian skill.

  2. The ailment last for 3 turns not 1. When you click on the heroes, it will display the remaining duration, so if 1 turn have passed since the skill hit your hero, it will say 2 turns left.

  3. This is not a bug.


To add to this - the duration for Magic Night rules do not apply to monsters’ special skills, only the heroes’.

@ssT1 Since you mention

in quotes, my guess is that you’re not playing the game in English, so this may be a translation error, as it’s written differently in English.


Now I understand what the OP was trying to say :sweat_smile:

Pterosaurian is not a hero.


Thanks for adding the screenshot of that. I wanted to add that for clarification, but it’s tough to do too much while holding my newborn :slight_smile: :baby_bottle: :baby:


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