Found a Raid bug?

The bug i just started encountering this morning is during the raid process , I was doing a raid and had just started an attack and right in the middle of a combo attack and before the play was over it was still doing combos the computer activated the special attacks of the enemy to counter my attack, since when did this start we cannot attack in the middle of the computer attacks on us, everything is locked up until the play is complete ,we cannot use our abilities in the middle of the attacks on us so while the board is still in play ,so how can the computer activate the other players abilities while the board is in play

Sorry, but this has nothing to do with the case discussed here. Please, next time take a look at the discussion before posting something randomly in any existing topic.

@Alaine, I’ve split the post in question into it’s own thread. Feel free to hit Rook or myself with an @ to tag us and we’ll move things around. :grinning:

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I have a simeler problem.

I was just destroyed by a player who has teampower 978 Agenst my team at 1920.

Howe is it posible whitout the player cheating. Screenshot_2018-01-05-12-13-36

My bad he was only 908

Thats ower 1000 points less than my team

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He is level 20. You only see the heroes he wants you to see.
He didn’t use those 5 heroes to beat you, that’s the defence team he uses so he gets beaten easily and his cups stay low enough that he can raid weak teams.

@hinoake the system/board is 10 steps ahead of you, it has to be. It knows way before you do whether or not your combo is going to kill the enemy. Seems as if some heroes have had animations sped up to avoid the raid timer. I’ve noticed Li Xiu, Kiril and Rigard in particular are casting specials before previous tiles have hit them, it’s annoying but I don’t think it’s anything malicious.

Thats mest up :-1::-1:

Ther shuld be the team that you was fighting that shows

MantisToboggan skrev: (5 januari 2018 13:27:19 CET)

Look at his defence. That’s why you probably lost Roine. Is your defence as strong.

@Coppersky: Thank you - for splitting the post as well as for telling me how tagging someone works.

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I just say it in original message he was 905 and my is 1910

Lee skrev: (5 januari 2018 14:40:20 CET)

My strongest team is at 3400, more or less … but I don’t have to send it for defense. I could put a team of 1200 into my defense. Of course I would lose many trophy, but I would win every raids as attacker, because I could still use my strongest team for revenge. I think that is, what you experienced.


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