Found a home

Thanks for reply, appreciate that. Sure You can join with us anytime

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Yes anytime you ready, you can move to a bigger alliance, my door is always open to all. To come in and out, lol.

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If you want to go with @Rigs, I know it will be a good step as well, so you can grow fast. I know him and his crew are awesome people who glad to help new player as well.

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We would LOVE to have you!!! We are a training alliance and looking fir dedicated warriors who want to grow stronger. Several spots open!!! Bump us and we will let you in, do not worry about cup requirement. Line @miltz

If you know how to speak Spanish, you are well received in my alliance.

If you attack daily the trophies can be fixed.

Looks like I’m jumping in this topic a bit too late haha. Thanks for the tag @LadySuzanne

No biggie anyways though, we only have 1 spot open. So that wouldn’t be fair to you and your friend. If there’s ever two new openings and you two are ever looking again, may we meet then :beers:


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Just here to kill $h¥t would welcome you both. We have a training alliance as well. Just here to kill $h¥t 2

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