Found a home


• Desperately needing new alliance with 2 open spots.
• Quick info about us.
Im… ReBeL gRiM rEaPeR 32… My friend is… MamaMacabre77.
We are in… Death & Contention (look is up if the two pics didn’t load).

• Yes I know we are both noobs, but we play every single day, always always attack Titans) today ReBeL: 37000 Mama: 28000. And we are both active in the raid tournaments and alliance wars too.
• Here is our main problem. Out of 28 members 15-19 last log in 250+ days ago. We only have 5-8 hitting Titans, and the worst part is I’ve learned by trial and error, and reading on here like crazy and I’m Mama’s only help. We need a real team not the BS we are dealing with.
• Please give us a chance we won’t let you down.
ReBeL & Mama


@Rigs @Radar1 @SilverDragonR @DaveCozy saw you all posted in another thread asking about a training alliance. Thought you might be able to offer these 2 a new home :grin:


You can join my alliance Juice Burglars. We take players of all levels. All we want it active members who attack the titan and use the war attacks.

We are understanding of new players who are building up their main team and war teams.

During some war issue, ( new level 12 member join in war but not use his flag, and my elder prefer small ally but all sharing hit in war ) I will not advertising my casual ally for anyone first, until I solve the win win solution for all my member.
My offer is still the same , lol. But join with Rigs is better choice for you .

@Rigs have an awesome alliance , Highly recommend as well.

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Thank you @LadySuzanne for tag me💚

Cream of the crop
We have few experienced players and space for new guys like you. Ask for everything, we also have fb group if you want.
We required 400 trophies but if you active and you want grow fast we probably can lower trophies.
@CreamxEgg is our leader, I gonna ask him about lower trophies.


I’m going to send Mama a message and let her know after the Titan we are on is over we will switch over to horsemen. Thank you very much.


Here is my stats


Lagun also recommended you guys so I guess it all comes down to which of the two groups will have us. Thank you guys both very much for considering us

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Reach 400 trophies and join us, we fighting with 6*-7* and it gives pretty good loot even with weaker dmg :slight_smile:

Cool thanks we’ll join horsemen Lagun suggested till we can get a solid base going and I’ll hit you back up once we hit our 400+ goal


Xxyzx would love to have you both! We’re a relaxed alliance and laid back, titan and wars. Newbie friendly and always willing to help each other.

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We have room at Rising Tides. We would love to have you.

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Thanks for the tag @LadySuzanne! :bouquet:

@Mikel Please check Zero genesis, the training alliance of the Zero alliance family!

We are 7 alliance playing on different levels and playstyles. Common line group across all alliances for sharing advices and fun. Friendly and supportive atmosphere. :blush:

Genesis is fighting their first war, come grow with the Zero alliance family!

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Hey Mikel…Thunder-Clan will gladly accept you and your friend with open arms… we are an active clan, with several beginners and several people that are maxed out. Learning the game and a couple of tricks along the way.

Welcome to the forum @Silentsteel16,

@Mikel, We have many slots at Dominion Elders, check it out.

Hey Mikel, happy to lower the trophies if your keen on joining!

Come to Dawn of Destruction we’d be happy to have you!

Crimson Avengers would love to have you

You’re more than welcome to join Elite Militia! :slight_smile:

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