Forza della Strega - German speaking alliance - is recruiting


Hi there - no bother! :slightly_smiling_face:

My husband and I love Italy - such a beautiful country! and the food! We vacation there often and were actually on vacation in Tuscany when I founded the alliance. And as my nickname in real life is Strega… it was just natural. And I really like it. :wink:


We are a long standing alliance of teamplayers and are currently searching for 3 active players that want to be part of a great team. Participation in wars and titan hunt are expected.

Join Forza della Strega !


still recruiting - 3 players.


necessary to bump this thread - still need 3 dedicated team players


@Witch I noticed you posted a new thread, guessing you got blocked from bumping this one because of the forum limit on number of posts in a row. So this should unblock you. :slight_smile:


Thank you @zephyr1 - you do keep a close eye on the forum, don’t you? :wink:
Actually, I was hoping a fresh approach might prove more successful.


I do indeed lol. Good luck with the recruiting! :slight_smile:


Looking for 3 active members…