Forza della Strega - German speaking alliance - is recruiting

“Double, double, toil and trouble,
Fire burn and cauldron bubble…” **
Forza della Strega is looking for active players with a minimum of 1000 cups; team players for coordinated war efforts and taking down titans. Looking for 3 committed players at the moment.
Most of our members have been with us for about a year. We are friendly, helpful and relaxed. No drama.
Grab your magic wand and your broom - come fly with us!
Currently defeating 8* and 9* titans.

** borrowed from Shakespeare, Macbeth

currently need two active members… apply here or directly in game.

Suchen derzeit zwei aktive Mitstreiter - bewirbt euch entweder hier oder direkt im Spiel.

Must be summer - currently need 3 active members - apply here or directly in game.
Looking forward to welcoming you around the cauldron.

where are all the witches, wolves, wizards and warriors? Join Forza della Strega!

Currently we need 3 active members to fill our ranks. We require active participation in hunting titans and war efforts. Apply here or directly in game. Forza della Strega!

Looking for a relaxed, yet active alliance? Want to hunt titans and take part in a collective war effort? Join us! Forza della Strega

Still 2 openings for active players

During the course of this month, we are restructuring our alliance. We are looking for active players - hitting the titan and active participation in wars is required. Who wants to be a part of a friendly, drama-free, helpful alliance?

Currently have 4 slots to fill. We are looking for active players that are willing to act as a team to move the alliance forward.
Forza della Strega - The Witches Force

Still need those 4 active players…

Currently all slots filled - :slightly_smiling_face: stay tuned!

currently have one slot open for an active player

Just one opening - looking for an active teamplayer for titans and war!

Where are all the witches, warlocks, werewolves and sorcerers?
Join Forza della Strega - we have a empty seat at the cauldron.

Looking for two active teamplayers, as we will sadly be losing a member after the war.

One slot still open… come join a friendly team!

Currently all slots are filled, thank you!! :slightly_smiling_face: If you’re interested, leave a note, I will contact you when a space is available.

Currently looking for 2 teamplayers - we expect you to be active in war and hit the titan.

looking for 2 active teamplayers - please apply here or in game
Forza della Strega

Hi Witch,
sorry to bother you but I’m just too curious and it’s been a long time since I wanted to ask you the reason behind the name of your alliance. I am Italian and seeing a German alliance with an italian name intrigues me.

Thank you

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