Forums - vote system? Having to remove votes to vote for another idea is dumb

The “Ideas & Features” voting system is dumb, plain and simple. You vote “like” on a few threads and then you cannot support new ideas that you like. You cannot vote and you cannot give the post a like. I had to literally go and view my old votes and remove them from other, OLD threads to be able to vote on a new one? What sort of an idea is that, lol?


I agree and disagree.

Having to remove a vote for something you support as a positive change idea (especially since sometimes ideas take a long time to implement) defeats the purpose of the voting system as you’ve explained.

That said, not limiting the number of things people can vote would quickly dilute the data available to E&P as people would toss around votes for anything and everything they like the sound of. This forces players to think more about where their vote is going.

Perhaps putting an expiry on threads in this section of the forum could help. So an old idea that will either not be implemented or are on the table to be implemented don’t tie up user votes.

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I am torn as I think that there should be a vote reset once they do a MAJOR update (e.g. the one that rolled out alliance wars). Otherwise, it just means i have to go back to the ideas that are implemented and roll back my votes manually. Ooh… time to un-vote some ideas…

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