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Don’t know which section, so, ask here.

How to change forum’s style? I can’t read white text on black background.

As far as I know, there is no function to change the colour scheme of the forum.

There may be an app you can download to re-contrast your screen but I don’t believe there is an alternate colour scheme setting.

You can change the font size tho if that makes it more readable.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click your icon in top right corner
  2. Tap the sillhouette option (summary)
  3. navigate to “preferences” option
  4. go to “interface” sub-section
  5. change text size from normal to whatever is desired.

You can change the text size in “Preferences > Interface”.

I know this doesn’t solve the color issue, but it may help.

There is a Chrome extension called “reading mode” that you can use to change the text to black and the background to a paper color. Of course, the formatting looks a bit weird, but that may help if you are using Chrome.

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There’s also a high contrast Chrome Extension that does this:

THere are settings in that one to use themes, but that was a straight inversion.


It’s good, but it doesn’t allow to use the forum in full format (writing posts for example). But thanks, good extension if you need to read something big.

Thanks, This much better, because I can write in this mode, but anyway, it’s not the same as forum’s style.

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