Forums do not represent player base

When I read the forums I tent to get fired up and frustrated. Years ago I played a massive pc game and had a good friend that was a developer on it. In a discussion he hit me with a bombshell (that we already know, but often forget) “The forums don’t represent the player base”.
There are over 2 million active players in E&P. But only a few what, hundred active on the forum. We only make up .00001% of the player base. And because we are active on the forum, we represent a very small group that is passionate about it.
We complain that “Devs” don’t ever do what “the player base “ wants but forget, we technically aren’t the “player base”. They don’t even get on the forums. They look at revenue spreadsheets and player retention to determine changes in the game.


I am a bit confused with your forum title and the content of the post itself. So, do forum-users represent the playerbase or not?

I for one don’t gauge the activity of the forum as the general sentiment of all its players. I only find this as a source of information, exchange of ideas and strategies and tips, etc.


Given SGG responds occasionally to these forums, and I imagine more-so directly to moderators in what I can only assume is a private forum with beer and caviar - I think the forum users get more interaction with the developers than the game population at-large.


@Cheds did a similar thread awhile ago I can’t find it at the moment. More due to what other players think of the game but does have similar case.
This fourm is used by far more people then people probably think, being people don’t post doesn’t meen they don’t read. It starts a chain reaction like say new hero’s in Halloween “officially” you find the details here then it’s shared on multiple platforms Facebook etc the link is probably posted or copy and paste the information into other languages to other sites that follow e&p.


Just for perspective, I looked at an admin section and there were nearly 137,000 on this site yesterday. I’d note this does include crawlers but that is the smallest percentage. Not including crawlers, there’s were nearly 100k users.


I come here representing my alliance of 21 people.

Okay no, just kidding. I don’t accurately represent all of them. A few of my members are also people who post here, their opinions do not necessarily represent mine or vice versa. I welcome all different player types in my alliance, and my opinions that I post here are my own.

I will say that the majority of my teammates don’t post here, a couple of them try to read threads here to get advice, and end up getting turned off by some of the toxic responses.

Example: someone in my alliance pulls Isarnia. They think, “oh, neat! I got a 5* hero!”

They come and read the forum. “Slow heroes are trash”


Me: Don’t listen to them. Isarnia is awesome. Level her up and ignore the haters.

Don’t even bother trying to keep up with the elites around here. You’re not “bad” because you don’t score 100k on each titan, or because you don’t have 5 Tellurias, or because you can’t raid up into diamond tier, or because you couldn’t score in the top 10k on the last challenge event.

I come here to try to speak on behalf of the unspoken for.


Like most of life, you’ve gotta give your :cow: :poop: filter a good clean and full service before perusing these forums. There’s good and bad all laid out for you to decide upon.


I think it’s somewhat fair to say though that regular forum posters are generally more likely to be “top echelon” type players? Myself excluded, obviously. :laughing: :rofl:

Not to brag but… I’m pretty fly for a mid-tier guy.

I iz the forum equivalent of a solid vanilla 4* hero. :+1:


First of all, forum posters are those who bother to find resources about the game and not just have the game as filler on their phone.

That’s already 95% of the playerbase gone.



You need to learn to big yourself up more. Vanilla 4*…no way.

I’d say you are at least a Thorne.


I dunno man. I just brought my Boldtusk (with costume bonus) up to +20 emblems, and he’s now the same TP as my maxed Marjana at +5 emblems.

So. I’m a vanilla 4* hero with a costume and emblems.

EDIT: seriously, I had emblems to spare, put them on BT. 780 power. On a 4* hero. I essentially turned a generic vanilla 4* hero into a 5* hero.

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Each of the 4* healers + costume become 5* when you fully emblem them. I have Kiril +20 and Rigard + 19 and with the costume bonuses and average speed they are at least 5*, if not 5* with emblems

BT I’m stuck at +9 because I have a lot of fighters…erm…fighting for the emblems.


@DaveCozy I think he’s talking about us.


Oooops! I was accidentally offensive to our esteemed mods :man_facepalming:

Still, funny that BS plays a part in the forum quite literally :laughing:



Please tell me what a “crawler” is.

Crawler = The bots from Google, Bing, etc. that visit pages to fuel the search engines.


We haven’t many (overtly) female posters on the Forum… but we got a whole lotta Karens. And, yes, it would be good if people remembered this lack of representation of which you speak.

If the words “Nobody ever…” and “Everybody knows…” were totally eliminated from this Forum, I think everybody knows we’d be way better off. Nobody ever remembers to be polite.


Thanks, I thought maybe I was a crawler. Seemed like a bad thing.

I had to look it up too before I posted that. :slight_smile:


Don’t sell yourself short. You are, at the very least, a candycane skittleskull

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