Forumn rule change suggestion

The forumns is suppose to be a place for ideas and suggestions. I guess the idea would be for players to suggest opinions and seek information. I think we can all agree though that it turns into arguments and complaints far to often. My suggestion is that when a topic is brought up that a separate thread is immediately created “for complaints. That way the decent people don’t have to wade through 1000 posts to get info. For example: POV event thread. Lots of info, good suggestions and also a lot of complaints… the complaints turned to arguments and thread was closed. If we had two different threads the complainers could knock themselves out and the rest of us could actually get the info and add constructive ideas…the separation would make everyone happy because you wouldn’t be wasting time. Example#2: 2* tourneys- you could’ve created a PRO and CON thread … sure would of made that more enjoyable. Forumns are great but this type of organization would make them better. Moderators jobs would be easier as well … more about organizing then refereeing. So, simply TOPIC-pro/ cons thread… or TOPIC- info/ complaints threads created.

If I want to say this is a bad idea, do we need to start another thread for my post?


I wouldn’t worry about it that much. It’s not like anyone takes it serious.

i completely agree with you that having one topic if misleading and there are alot of arguments and complains, but even if you had pros/cons topics for each or most activities people will just keep posting no matter what, and its a hard work for the mods to separate and move each post to the correct topic
a while back Zephyr1 suggested that there are 2 topics for each hero: one for discussion and one for summoning results, and it didnt work out
another example is my guide in the bug thread Please Read this before posting a bug you cant imagine how many people just post their bugs in that thread and mods have to move it (i know that as i get a notificatin everytime that happens)

and if 1 person followed the complaints thread 50 others wont


We do, because as @Expired said, we’ve tried versions of it :wink:

I love the principal, but in practice, it’s not as straightforward as that - posts aren’t clear cut in one side or the other, it chops up the flow of conversation etc - so the net gain is probably very low.

Always love hearing ideas to streamline the forum though, so keep them coming!


Not sure… I mean, you should have brought it up before I bought all these popcorn bags… what am I supposed to do with them if people don’t fight over such important matters here on the forum, any more? :wink:


Your idea looks ok on paper, but you will never stop people complaining, so it’s going to be resource intensive for someone to move posts from one thread to another

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I was just talking crazy with that idea… no way it would work. Plus, I come to these forumns to laugh so… Carry on!


Almost impossible to handle. What is a different opinion and what a complaint? Our mods probably would be very pleased to deal with it. :wink:

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As a complaint, why is this thread tagged “alliances”? :rofl:


That’s the whole crux of it for people isn’t it- what is a legitimate contribution and what is just a complaint.


If I had a complaint about the people complaining about a topic, would it go in the original thread, in the complaint thread, or need a new third thread? And where would Rigs then post to complain about my complaints about the complainers?

It could very well lead to a multiverse of threads

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