Forum trolls Vs game criticisms

There are trolls out there I tell you.

If you find one of these trolls please capture it and keep it safe until I am able to collect it and study it.

I will find the solution as to why these things love ripping apart someone’s post, find hidden information inside of them which isn’t actually there, and blast their negative opinions back to the poster in a research paper Type format.

Maybe we can all come up with the solution together. Maybe these trolls just need love.

  • Everyone is correct
  • Everyone is intelligent and informed

and most importantly…

  • Everyone is one of the good guys!

especially us trolls

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One man’s troll is another man’s … something, something. Fan?

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Funny old thing Opinions.

To some I’m sure I’m a fanboi troll. To others I’m sure I’m a speaker of truth.

I actually like a good old debate and I’m able to see both sides. But ultimately you generally have to pick one of them. Sitting on the fence maintaining the status quo gets us nowhere either.


Honestly, the main difference is whether or not they’re ready to be proven wrong and willing to accept a different opinion.

By the 3rd reply, you can mostly already tell if someone is arguing in good faith, or so much deadset in their point of view that it’s physically impossible to convince them otherwise. This is the point when you feel an acute need to provide further logical explanations and argue your own point, but it’s a futile effort that serves nothing but bloating and derailing the thread.


As a follower of Popper, I feel you must prove that you might not be correct here in order to demonstrate that you might be correct. But I could be wrong.

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What if YOU are the one, who is not ready to proven wrong when proof is usually served up cold, on a paper plate around here anyways.

Let’s test it out right now!

"physically impossible"… surely you don’t believe that you can be deprived of liberty and physically tortured for days on end until you believe that 2+2=5?

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I like all of your responses. Debates are good. “Fu’s” are bad.

hmm i think good ol Fu’s are a necessity of life in either direction…but maybe that’s just me. if the world didn’t have Fu’s then we’d have more people full of bs runnin around and even runnin around fillin ourselves with more bs

everyone needs knocked down a peg or given a reality check now n then

a well worded Fu is perfect for such an occasion


Sometimes people don’t like the truth and when explained in a normal easy way they don’t like it.
Majority of the people that use the fourm have good intentions. Advice on anything people willing to help your good to them they good to you back. Kinda simple really.

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Not only trolls have existed since before the webs arrival, but they’re necessary. It can’t be all seriousness.

Of course, there are trolls and there are trolls.



I love a debate too. The difference between a troll and a debate is the way the message is delivered. A troll take glee in belittling and attacking a person’s intelligence. Any post leading with a “Smackdown” announcement is trolling.

Dissenting arguments can always be delivered in a way that allow for further discussion without belittling the original poster.


Limiting responses is a good practice. And often a challenging one.

This is true! If someone shows me a winged bug and tells me that it’s a snarling saber toothed tiger that’s going to bite my face off. I just…
I can’t help myself. Imma pull some wings off. And if they keep at it, I’ll dissect that bug. Put it back together and stomp on it. And honestly… I hate it most times. It’s exhausting and fruitless. And fascinating how easily I can get…
hardwired into that loop!

Every now and then, I’m sitting face to face with a tiger. I can see blood in its eyes.
Can and have acknowledged, “Yep I’m wrong, later!”

But sometimes this game can feel like a second job your not getting payed for. Now start tracking data! That definitely adds another job element…
This will always be a RnG match game where averages can be tracked. But the supposed random element keeps data confined to averages. So we get to bicker over nothing that’s concrete. Winged bugs mostly.

So when someone is having a relentless tantrum over winged bugs. Then, I rather enjoy reading @Rigs posts


Big spoon or little spoon?

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